Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Tax time!

I turned 43 on 1/2.  It was a rather uneventful birthday.  Paul went back to work and I was home with Nathan.

The year started out rough for me.  My birthday was pretty depressing.  Then I had computer problems.  We had to basically wipe my computer clean and reload everything.  Luckily, it is working again, but it still seems to have some issues.  I think there is not enough memory to handle all of the pictures of graphics.  Also, if I have my computer on all day I find that it has trouble shutting down so it restarts.  To make matters worse, my Fitbit broke.  Like many people, one of my New Year's resolutions was to get healthier.  That was rather hard to do when my step calculator broke on me.  I got Fitbit to send a new one for free, but I was without a Fitbit for a couple of weeks.  Now it is tax time.  Oh how I hate doing our taxes!

I went to Tohono Chul Park and Tucson Botanical Gardens on 1/6.

Nathan had his annual vision appointment on 1/9.  The optometrist said he is getting slightly nearsighted as more and more kids are due to screen usage, in this case computer games for Nathan.  As a preventative measure to slow down the nearsightedness, they are prescribing kid's bifocals.  So Nathan now has a new pair of glasses.  He was told to wear them at home for a couple of weeks and then start wearing them to school.  We are hesitant about wearing them to school because we are afraid they are going to get broke.  We know how careless and irresponsible Nathan can be sometimes as many kids are at his age.  He is anxious to bring them to school, though.  He loves his new glasses.  He picked out the frames.  They were a little more expensive, but I wanted him to like them or he would not want to wear them.  They are from Nike with yellow and black stripes.

On Martin Luther King Day, 1/15, we went to Saguaro National Park since National Parks were free that day.  We did some light hiking and had a good time.  It was our first time exploring the park there.  I would like to go back in the Spring.

Nathan had his honors assembly on 1/15 where he got awarded for making honor roll the second quarter.  After that I went to Sweetwater Wetlands.

Nathan had his wellness visit with his pediatrician on 1/22.  He weighs 55 lbs which is only in the 40th percentile.  He is 50.8 in tall which is in the 53rd percentile.  He brought up how he has been having problems with his left leg.  He says that when he is standing in line at school after lunch to go back inside that his leg sometimes gives out and he falls.  It has been happening for a couple of months.  She examined his legs and determined he had abnormal reflexes and had trouble squatting.  We did a blood test and the results showed his thyroid was fine, his muscle enzymes or something like that was fine, but that his vitamin D level was very low.  She does not think that is the cause of his leg problem, but he is now on a vitamin D supplement.  We went back yesterday for a follow up.  He told her that he had one more incident with his leg since seeing her a couple of weeks ago.  His reflexes were once again abnormal, but he did a little better with his squats.  I mentioned that he does not get his legs up when he is kicking at Taekwondo.  He did fine with his kicks in front of her so maybe he is just being lazy at Taekwondo.  I also mentioned that he used to love running and was pretty good at it, but that now he does not like running as much because he gets tired.  She decided to get an x-ray of his left hip.  We did that right after seeing her so we are awaiting the results.  She also wants him to see a neurologist.  She said there is a rare condition with the tip of the spine being tethered.  They can do a x-ray/mri of the spine, but he would have to be perfectly still so for kids they usually have to knock them out first.  So that test is a last resort, but she wants to see what a neurologist says.  I have never seen what Nathan has described, but I just thought it had to do with his growth because he also gets growing pains in his legs at night sometimes, just like I did when I was a kid.  His pediatrician thinks it could be something more, though.  It could be nothing, but she wants to make sure.  She says she does not think it is diet related or due to his Taekwondo.

I went to Tohono Chul Park, Tucson Botanical Gardens and the Pima County Cooperative Extension Gardens on 1/25.

I went to Reid Park to see the ducks, Reid Park Zoo and back to the Pima County Cooperative Extension Gardens on 1/30.

On 2/1, I went to Tucson Botanical Gardens to see the Planters mobile!  Everybody says I am a nut!  That day, Nathan also tested for his yellow belt in Taekwondo.

Things have been so busy lately.  The holidays are the busiest.  Then I had to put all of the Christmas stuff back away.  It seems like I have been going back and forth to doctor appointments for myself and for Nathan.  I went to the gynecologist the end of last year and she wanted to see me back in 3 months.  Nathan had his vision appointment and we had to go back to get his glasses.  We will have to go back in 3 months to see how he is doing with his glasses.  Then he had his pediatrician appointment, got his blood tested, went back to see her a couple of weeks later, got the x-ray of his hip and now we have to see the neurologist.  Next week Nathan has his 6 month dentist appointment.  Parent-teacher conferences are that week, too, starting on Valentine's Day.  The following week I go for my 6 month dentist appointment.  Our 15th anniversary is on 2/17.  The dogs go on the 18th for their 6 month check up and teeth cleaning.  I hope things slow down once we get through all of this and get the taxes done! 

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

The older you get, the faster time goes.  Hard to believe another year is gone.  As usual, we celebrated New Years just the 3 of us.  We played some Uno and then watched the ball drop in NYC on tv at 10:00 our time.

My New Years Resolutions are pretty much the same this year because, unfortunately, I don't seem to accomplish them the previous year!
1) Lose weight.  I need to lose 30-40 lbs.  Cook more at home.  Try new recipes.  Walk 5k-10k steps/day.  Do the elliptical every day.  Walk Tulla when it is nice out.  Drink less Starbucks.  Drink more water.  Eat only one piece of chocolate/day.
2) Start scrapbooking.  Scan/take photos of momentos.  Scan great-grandparents' birth certificates.  Start with Nathan's baby book.
3)  Work on clutter.  Go through papers in office.  Get bookshelves for scrapbook room and organize that room, including going through the travel papers.  Get quilt made from Nathan's baby clothes.  Get custom bookcase in Nathan's room.
4) Clean e-mail
5) Spend more time with Nathan
6) Go to Chicago for GG's 100th birthday
7) Find a new doctor.  Get a skin cancer test.  Go to a vein specialist for my leg.  Get shoulder checked out.  Improve cholesterol and triglycerides.
8)  Go through pictures.  Sell pictures.  Get pictures on walls.
9) Get new furniture.  Patio set, kitchen set, entertainment center and coffee table.  Refurbish hope chest from great-grandparents.  Epoxy garage floor.
10) teach Nathan to swim, ride bike and tie shoes.
11) Give personalized Christmas gifts next year.  Photo books?  Get an outdoor nativity.
12) volunteer
13) Spend less time on computer.  This is a tricky one, though, if I am going to be working on pictures and e-mail.
14) Read the Bible & pray every day
15)  Relax more!
16) Do not complain on Facebook
17) Go to bed by 10
There are a lot more, but I know that most of these I have mentioned already probably will not get done.  They say if you write them down you have a better chance, though.

So grandma and grandpa came 12/5-12/12.  We went to Dave & Busters on Saturday, 12/9 for Nathan's birthday party.  We got pictures taken at J C Penney on 12/10.  The ones of Nathan came out great.  He wore a new cowboy hat that grandpa bought him while they were in town.

Nathan read the Night Before My Birthday Book on 12/14.  At the end it asks what dreams came true this year.  He said getting a cowboy hat (fresh in his mind).  He could not think of anything else.  I mentioned going to the Vermont Teddy Bear Company and he wanted me to put that down.  He did not like my suggestion of going to Vegas for the Monster Jam World Finals or any of our other trips.  I think going to Vancouver would be on his list since it was his first time going out of the country.  I also mentioned grandma and grandpa coming to celebrate an early birthday and Christmas with him.

Nathan turned 8 on 12/15!  I surprised him by having his bedroom decorated in Star Wars when he got home from school.  He knew we were redoing his room, but he did not know that it would be done that day!  Grandma, Grandpa, mom and dad all chipped in to make it happen.  That night we went to Peter Piper Pizza for dinner.

On 12/16 we went to the movies to see Ferdinand and Star Wars the Last Jedi.

Nathan's 8th Bday Questionnaire:
favorite color - green (& yellow)
favorite toy - white jet w/flames & ultimate garage
favorite show/movie - Terminator & Star Wars
favorite thing to eat for lunch - Grandma's grilled cheese
favorite thing to wear - Harley Davidson shirt w/lightning & Star Wars shirt
favorite game - soccer
favorite snack - Oreos
favorite animal - cat
favorite song - Air Drums
favorite book - Battle Bugs
best friend - Jade
favorite cereal - Lucky Charms
favorite thing to do outside/place to go - Dave & Busters & Funtastics
favorite drink - lemonade & egg nog
favorite holiday - Christmas & Veteran's Day
What do you like to take to bed with you at night - Slithers the yellow-bellied sea snake (along with a million other stuffed animals)
favorite thing to eat for breakfast - dinosaur egg oatmeal
What do you want for dinner on your birthday - Peter Piper Pizza
what do you want to be when you grow up - soccer player, football player, basketball player, race car driver, truck driver, runner, vet, President (he is going to be a busy man!)
favorite thing to do at school - play at recess, dodge ball at P.E. and art class
food you don't like - sushi
what is something you are good at - Slither I O (computer game), tag, kissing mommy, farting
favorite food - brownie & carrot cake
favorite vegetable - carrot
Ones he added this year!
favorite person in the family - mom, dad the farter, grandma June, crazy grandpa Fred, GG, crazy Bella, Scaredy Tulla, one and only Nina, Aunt Lisa
favorite dog - wiener dog
favorite reptile - snake
favorite bird - parrot & turkey vulture (turkey vulture? Out of so many pretty birds he picks a turkey vulture! He has a turkey vulture stuffed animal coming for Christmas)
favorite pizza topping - pepperoni
He could have added a bunch more to this questionnaire, but I thought we better quit while we are ahead!

On 12/21, I went to Tucson Botanical Gardens, the Reid Park Rose Garden and Pima County Cooperative Extension Gardens.  Nathan had a half day that day and started his winter break.  Nathan finished the 2nd quarter on honor roll.  93.8 in History/Geography, 86.1 in Reading, 100 in Recitation (demonstrates respect and consideration of others), M for Art, M for P.E., M for Music, 88.9 for Science, 94.0 for Math (uses class time constructively), M for Spanish and 93.4 for English.

I went to the Reid Park Rose Garden and the zoo on 12/23.

Christmas Eve we went to church.  Santa came that night and left a lot of gifts for Nathan!  Christmas Day we stayed home and Nathan played with all of his new toys (legos, cars, dvds, soccer ball, star wars slippers, Toys R Us and Dave & Busters gift cards, etc...).  One of his favorite gifts was a turkey vulture stuffed animal!  During his birthday interview he revealed that the parrot and turkey vulture are his favorite birds.  I got Paul tie racks and a mouse pad with Nathan's picture on it.  He got my car cleaned inside and out a couple of days prior and bought me new windshield wipers!  We told each other we would not get the other gifts this year since funds were running low.  Nathan made us a nice card with a $1 bill in it!  I bought honey baked ham for myself, but other than that we did not have a big meal.  Paul ended up cooking food out on the grill.

We went to the Phoenix Zoo on 12/28.  It was crowded.  I think the best attraction was watching a baby orangutan with its parent.  We returned to Phoenix the next day.  Paul and Nathan went to Legoland and Rainforest Cafe in Tempe.  I went to Butterfly Wonderland and Odysea Aquarium.  Aquariums are very challenging when it comes to photography.  Most of my pictures did not turn out, but they had a few cool exhibits like the big tank full of clownfish and another of just lionfish.  I did not think it was worth buying a membership, though.  I may go back to try and get better pictures, but overall I was a little disappointed.

New Years Eve we played Uno for awhile until we watched the ball drop in NYC on TV at 10:00 our time.  We were all in bed before midnight.

Today is a new year.  Paul took Nathan to work for awhile and then they are going to Dave & Busters to use some of his gift cards.  He got one from us for Christmas and he got some from Aunt Lisa and Aunt Tracy.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Hard to believe the holidays are here already and the year is almost over!

We sold our Grand Prix to Carmax for $700.  We were hoping for more, but given the circumstances (11 years old, over 140k miles, bad transmission, etc...) I guess it is good we got something for it.

We went to the Leman Fall Festival on 10/27

We participated in the Boneyard 5K walk again this year on 10/28.  Paul finished 50:16, Nathan finished 50:26 and I finished 1:04.  I at least was not last!  That night we went to the U of A homecoming football game vs. Washington.  Arizona won!

For Halloween, Nathan was Luke Skywalker, Paul was Darth Vader, Bella was Chewbacca and Tulla was Princess Leia.  That day I went to the Reid Park Rose Garden and the zoo.

We went to the Cops and Rodders car show on 11/4.  At the car show, Nathan participated in his first pinewood derby.  He made it to one of the final rounds.

On 11/6, Nathan went on a school field trip to Colossal Cave field trip

I went to the Desert Museum on 11/7.

Tulla turned 11 on 11/9.  She is doing pretty good for her age, but she is starting to have issues controlling her bladder.

Paul and Nathan went to a NASCAR race on 11/12 while I went to the Wildlife World Zoo.

I went to the Reid Park Rose Garden and the zoo on 11/20.

I went to the Tucson Botanical Gardens, the Reid Park Rose Garden and the Desert Museum on 11/21.

We celebrated Thanksgiving just the 3 of us at home on 11/23.  I made a traditional turkey meal for myself, but the boys had shrimp.  We are such an unconventional family.

Paul and Nathan went to see Thor on 11/24

We went to see Santa in the mall on 11/26 after church.  I noticed later that Paul and I wore the exact same clothes for our picture with Santa back in 2013!

I went to the Reid Park Zoo on 11/28.

I went to the Desert Museum on 11/30.

I went to Reid Park Zoo and the Pima County Cooperative Extension Gardens on 12/1.

Nathan attended a class at Home Depot on 12/2 to build a wooden gingerbread house.  Later that day he attended a birthday party at Toys R Us.

Tomorrow, Grandma June and Grandpa Fred are coming to visit us.  They will be here until 12/12.  We plan to celebrate Nathan's 8th birthday with them this weekend.  His theme this year is construction trucks.  We are doing family pictures at JC Penney on Sunday, 12/10.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Is it Fall?

The end of October and it has still been in the 90s!  Luckily, we were able to escape the heat for awhile and see the Fall colors in New England.

On 8/29/17 I went to Tohono Chul Park, DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun and the Pima County Cooperative Extension Garden

On 8/30 I went to Tohono Chul Park and Tucson Botanical Gardens

I went to Sweetwater Wetlands on 9/5

On 9/7 I went to Tohono Chul Park, DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun and Tucson Botanical Gardens

Paul and Nathan went to see Lego Ninjago on 9/24

I went to Tohono Chul Park, Tucson Botanical Gardens, the Reid Park Rose Garden and the Pima County Cooperative Extension Garden on 9/25

Nathan took his school picture on 9/28.  He also got the 3rd stripe on his white belt in Taekwondo.

Christopher Carson and Janay got married on 9/30

On 10/3 I went to Tucson Botanical Gardens and the Pima County Cooperative Extension Garden

Nathan tested for his orange belt in Taekwondo on 10/5

We went to New England during Nathan's Fall Break 10/6-10/14.  We flew into Newark, NJ on 10/6.  We went to NYC on Saturday, 10/7.  It was hot and humid that day, but we took the Big Bus to the Empire State Building, the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, the Statue of Liberty and Times Square.  Paul and I had been to NYC before, but this was Nathan's first time.  He was excited to see the Statue of Liberty.  We took the cruise to it, but the tickets  were sold our to go up inside.  The next day we drove though New York and went to Kaaterskill Falls.  We hiked down to the bottom of the falls.  It was a difficult hike for me who is not an experienced hiker.  There was little water coming down, but it was still pretty.  On Monday, we saw the Eerie Canal and then drove through Vermont.  We stopped at a few covered bridges.  The Fall colors were amazing, but the it was foggy and rainy that day.  The next day we went to the Vermont Teddy Bear Company and Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory.  Nathan really enjoyed the Vermont Teddy Bear Company.  He made his own Vermont Teddy Bear with a soccer outfit and he and I came up with the name Honey since it is a Honey Bear.  On Wednesday, 10/11, we took a ride on the Mount Washington Cog Railway in New Hampshire.  It gave us great views of the colorful trees and we could even see part of the Atlantic Ocean at the top of the mountain.  At the top it was very cold and windy.  The coldest and windiest readings in the world have been recorded on Mount Washington.  I could not even tolerate standing out there to get a family picture so I went inside the building to warm up and take pictures from the windows.  And it is not even winter yet!  After the cog railway, we went to the Main Wildlife Park.  We were a little disappointed in it, but they are basically a bunch of rescued animals which is a good thing.  The only live moose we saw on our trip was here at this wildlife park.  The enclosures were very camera unfriendly so I did not get many decent pictures of the moose or other animals there.  On Thursday, we went to Acadia National Park.  We saw only a small portion of the park due to time restraints.  The park is very beautiful with wonderful views of the Atlantic Ocean.  However, I did not find it very photogenic because it was mostly open water without too many other interesting elements to add to the shots.  We did not have time to hike or explore the park much outside of the car so maybe we would have better picture taking opportunities if we did so.  We did see the Bass Harbor Lighthouse there.  Again, it was hard to get pictures of it.  It is pretty much right in your face if you approach it from the park.  I think better pictures could be taken from a distance in the ocean.  They offer lighthouse cruises in Maine where you can see numerous lighthouses in one trip.  I would like to do that the next time I go.  I would also like to see the puffins on Egg Rock Island.  They breed during the spring and summer and there are tour boats that take you close to see them.  On our last day we went to Trailside Zoo on Bear Mountain in New York.  It was another disappointing zoo, but again the animals are mostly rescues.  The people in New England told us that they had a heat wave a couple of weeks ago which delayed the Fall colors.  Then they had some rain which we ran into a couple of days that we were there which really set the Fall colors in motion.  So some areas were exploding in color while others were just getting started.  While the scenery was beautiful, I took a lot of shots from the car and others during the fog and rain.  Thus, many did not come out well.  Hopefully, there are a few good ones in the mix.  We already decided that we would like to go back some time, maybe during the summer.  This was our first time in New Hampshire and Vermont.  It was my first time in Maine, too.  I loved it all, but I loved the color and country atmosphere of Vermont.  I loved being by the ocean, too, though.  There was just so much to see and not enough time as usual.  I always feel rushed to take my pictures so I hope that we can go back soon.

Nathan made honor roll for the 1st quarter.  He got a couple of Bs this quarter, but his grades were high enough to average 93.8%.  The awards assembly will be 10/24.

Nathan got his new orange belt in Taekwondo on 10/18

We went to the U of A red blue game on 10/20.  Shaquille O'Neal was there.

My Grand Prix was close to overheating on 10/20.  I took it to Pep Boys and they had to replace the thermostat and water pump that were leaking.  They told me the transmission was really bad and that the car probably needed new rotors because the brakes were vibrating.  The mechanic suggested that we sell the car as soon as possible before the transmission falls out.

We bought a new 2018 red Ford Fusion Hybrid today!  Paul will start driving the new car and I will drive our 2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid!  We are going to try to sell the Grand Prix tomorrow at Carmax.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Paul and Nathan went to see the Transformers movie on 7/15.

Nathan lost his 7th tooth when he was at summer school at Casas Christian School on 7/18.

Nathan missed the last 3 days of summer school (7/19-7/21) because he got an infection on his ear. Then he also got the cysts back on his head.  Unfortunately, he had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic which turned out to be Bactrim and I am allergic to it, too.  Nathan got a rash, mostly on his face.

My uncle John Kubis died on 7/20.  He had been sick for a long time and my aunt Brenda had passed away many years prior.

Paul and Nathan went to a Diamondbacks game on 7/23.

We went to the Leman Academy Meet & Greet on 7/31 to meet Nathan's 2nd grade teacher.  This is Mrs. Avenenti's first year at Leman.

Nathan started 2nd grade on 8/2.

We went to Apple Annie's Peach Mania on 8/5.  We picked peaches, had some peach ice cream, ate roasted corn and brought home a lot of fresh veggies and goodies.

We finally got Nathan to sleep in his room!  He came to me one day and said he would make a deal. If I bought him this bed tent he would sleep in his bed.  It worked!  The tent was not expensive at all and he has been sleeping in it every night ALL night long!

I went to Tohono Chul Park, Tucson Botanical Gardens and Pima County Cooperative Extension Gardens on 8/8.

Nathan started Taekwondo on 8/9.  He will have Taekwondo on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  I went to Pima Prickly Park that day.  I went back to Pima Prickly Park on 8/11 and 8/14.

Nathan started Lego Club on 8/15.  Lego Club will meet every Tuesday.  I went to Pima Prickly Park and Bach's Cactus nursery that day.

On 8/17 I went to the Desert Museum and Pima Prickly Park.

We went to a pre-season game between the Cardinals and the Bears on 8/19.  This was Nathan and Dawn's first professional football game.  Nathan and I were rooting for the Cardinals, but honestly I was not too disappointed that the Bears ended up winning by one point.

Nathan lost his 8th tooth at home on 8/20.

I went to Reid Park Zoo, the Reid Park Rose Garden and Pima Prickly Park on 8/21.

Nathan got his first stripe on his Taekwondo white belt on 8/24 for performing 9 different moves.  I went back to the Desert Museum that day.  

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Happy 4th of July (a day late)!

Nathan had to miss the last day of Lego camp on 6/2 because a kid was diagnosed with chicken pox.  Luckily, Nathan never got it.  6/2 GG turned 99!

Nathan started summer school on 6/5.

I went to Tohono Chul Park on 6/8.

We went to Chicago for GG's birthday party on 6/11.

Lisa came to visit 6/13-6/22.  We all went to see Cars 3 on 6/16.  Paul, Nathan and Lisa went to Funtasticks the next day.  That night Paul and I went to dinner at Vivace.

We left for our vacation to the Pacific Northwest on 6/23.  We flew into Seattle.  The following day we made our way to Portland, OR stopping at some waterfalls including Multnomah Falls and ending the day at Portland Japanese Gardens.  Multnomah Falls was busy since it was a Saturday and it was also hard photographing because I was shooting into the sun.  The Portland Japanese Gardens were a little disappointing, too.  They had one star attraction which was a little waterfall with koi fist and irises.  I have seen pictures of this place in the Fall and it is absolutely beautiful so one day I hope to return in the Fall.  Sunday we went to Cannon Beach.  I loved it there and wish we had more time.  We got there early before most of the people started arriving.  We explored the tide pools and walked the beach.  They even have puffin there, but I don't think I saw any.  We did see an eagle in, though, so the seagulls and other birds went crazy.  Then we made our way to Vancouver, British Columbia that night.  Monday we went over to Stanley Park.  We went to the aquarium there and walked around the park.  Then we went to the Vancouver Lookout and ate at the revolving restaurant.  On the way back to the hotel we stopped to see the steam clock.  Paul also bought me an ammolite necklace in Vancouver.  The following day we drove to Seattle.  We went to the Space Needle and ate at the revolving restaurant.  Then we went over the Public Market and got there just as they were closing up.  We got to see them throw some fish, though!  We ended the night with a Mariners game.  They lost to the Phillies, 2-8.  Wednesday we went to Mount Rainier National Park.  We saw deer, beautiful waterfalls and the snow-capped mountain.  Paul thinks we saw about 1/4 of the park.  The following mourning we took the same route through the park in reverse to get back to the Seattle airport to leave town.  Just before entering the park we saw elk with a baby.  As we were leaving the park I finally got to see a marmot, my first time seeing one ever.  We missed a turn somewhere, though, and had to take an alternate route to the airport.  We were cutting it very close and made it to the gate just as they were boarding the plane.  This was Nathan's first time going out of the country.  We got home to the 105+ temp so I missed the 50s and 60s of Mount Rainier National Park.

For the 4th of July we just cooked out and watched the fireworks from our back balcony.

Sunday Paul leaves for Burlington.  Nathan starts the 3rd session of summer school on Monday.  He is taking Baking Buddies, Non-Stop Art, Indoor Games and World Explorers.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Summer is here

4/12/17  I went to Tohono Chul Park, Tucson Botanical Gardens and the Pima County Cooperative Extension Gardens.

I went to Bach's Cactus Nursery and Pima County Cooperative Extension Gardens on 4/15.  Paul and Nathan went to a U of A vs Oregon baseball game.

4/16  Easter!  Nathan got a lot of goodies from the Easter Bunny and we went to church.

4/17 I went to Tohono Chul Park, Tucson Botanical Gardens, Pima County Cooperative Extension Gardens and Pima Prickly Park.

Nathan had a field trip to the Reid Park Zoo on 4/20.  He had not been to the zoo in awhile.  He liked the green python snake since he is into snakes right now.  Snakes and sharks!

4/21 I went to Bach's Cactus Nursery, Tohono Chul Park, Tucson Botanical Gardens, Pima County Cooperative Extension Gardens and Pima Prickly Park!

4/23 Paul and Nathan went to see Smurfs at the movies.  Back in grade school they used to call me a smurf because I was short.  I guess there are worse things to be made fun of!

I went to the Desert Museum on 4/24.

I went to Bach's Cactus Nursery, Tohono Chul Park, Tucson Botanical Gardens and Pima County Cooperative Extension Gardens on 4/25.

4/27 I went to Tohono Chul Park, Tucson Botanical Gardens and Pima County Cooperative Extension Gardens.

I went to Tohono Chul Park on 4/28.

4/29 I went to Tohono Chul Park.  Paul and Nathan went to a U of A vs ASU softball game.  It was an expensive day for us.  We got new tires on both my Grand Prix and Paul's Fusion for $1200.  Then our garage door opener broke and it cost us $800 to fix that.

Paul and Nathan went to the Pima County Fair on 4/30.  Nathan got a picture with a snake wrapped around his neck.  The old Nathan would have been scared to do that, but now he likes snakes.

5/2 I went to Tohono Chul Park, Tucson Botanical Gardens and Pima County Cooperative Extension Gardens.

5/3 I went to Tohono Chul Park, Tucson Botanical Gardens and Pima Prickly Park.

May the 4th be with you!  Nathan wore his Star Wars shirt for Star Wars Day at school.  Nathan loves Star Wars!  I went to Tohono Chul Park and Tucson Botanical Gardens.  Nathan had his musical performance at school that night.
5/5 I went to Tohono Chul Park.

5/6 I went to Tohono Chul Park and DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun.

Paul and Nathan went bowling on 5/7.

5/8 I went to the Desert Museum.

I went to Northwest RV & Storage, Tohono Chul Park and Tucson Botanical Gardens on 5/9.

I went to Tohono Chul Park on 5/10.

5/11 I went to Tohono Chul Park, Tucson Botanical Gardens and the Reid Park Rose Garden.

5/12 I went to Tohono Chul Park and Tucson Botanical Gardens.

Paul and Nathan went to the Titan Missle Museum on 5/13.

Nathan made me some cute stuff at school for Mother's Day on 5/14.  He made me a cute tile that says I Heart You and drew a rainbow, him, me a bluebird and a cardinal.  He said he drew the cardinal for the St Louis Cardinals and purposely did not draw a bear for the Chicago Cubs!  The little snot!  He also made me a cute card.  Handmade gifts from your child are the best!

I went to Arthur Pack Park on 5/15.  I finally got to see a family of ground squirrels with several babies.  It took awhile for me to gain their trust, but my patience paid off and I got some cute pictures.  Nathan lost his two front teeth!  He lost one at school and the other one at night.  It had been about a year since he lost any teeth.  This was #3 & #4.

I went to the Desert Museum on 5/16 & 5/17.

I went to Northwest RV & Storage and back to the Desert Museum on 5/18.  It was the best day to be at the Desert Museum because they had a ton of torch cacti blooming.  They also had two bighhorn sheep lambs and prairie dog pups.

5/19 I went to Tohono Chul Park, DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun and Tucson Botanical Gardens.  Paul got promoted to Senior Director of Finance.  Pam had left to work at corporate in Burlington, MA leaving her position open.  They finally gave the position to Paul!  He had been waiting for a promotion for awhile and considered finding a job outside Aetna.  He is getting a $10k raise and will be in a higher bonus category.  God has taken care of us once again.  Paul has gone through a couple of company buyouts and we had to move to Tucson, but through it all Paul has not lost his job and has been promoted several times.

Nathan had his last day of school on 5/25!  It was Hawaiian Day so he wore his Hawaiian shirt.  He made high honor roll for the 4th quarter!  He was on honor roll the whole year.  He even got an E for exceeding the standard in Art for the 4th quarter.  So he is now an official 2nd grader!

Nathan lost another tooth on 5/26!  He is on a roll now!

Memorial Day was 5/29.  We attended the Memorial Day ceremony at the Veteran's Cemetery in Marana like we did last year.  Later that day, Paul and Nathan went to the water park.

5/30-6/2  Nathan is participating in a Lego summer camp at his school.  It is 9-12 each day.  He did the Lego club in the spring so we thought we would continue the fun.

He starts the FLIGHT program at Casas Christian School on 6/5.  He did this program last summer and liked it so we decided to do it again this summer.  Session 1 he will be Creation Station, Let's Play, Hablas Espanol? and Science Olympics.  He will miss 6/9 because we will be going to Chicago for the weekend to surprise my grandma at her 99th birthday party.  We return from Chicago on 6/12 and Lisa will be coming to visit 6/13-6/22.  Session 1 ends on 6/13 and then we will be headed to Seattle!  We plan to visit Vancouver and Portland, OR while we are up that way.  Our vacation will be 6/13-6/29.  Paul will be traveling to Burlington, MA 7/9-7/12 to meet with some of his new staff.  Here at home Nathan will be starting Session 3 of summer school on 7/10.  His last day of summer school will be 7/21.  We have the Leman Meet & Greet on 7/31 to meet Nathan's new teacher for the 2nd grade and then his first day will be 8/2.  It is going to be a busy summer!