Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Happy 4th of July (a day late)!

Nathan had to miss the last day of Lego camp on 6/2 because a kid was diagnosed with chicken pox.  Luckily, Nathan never got it.  6/2 GG turned 99!

Nathan started summer school on 6/5.

I went to Tohono Chul Park on 6/8.

We went to Chicago for GG's birthday party on 6/11.

Lisa came to visit 6/13-6/22.  We all went to see Cars 3 on 6/16.  Paul, Nathan and Lisa went to Funtasticks the next day.  That night Paul and I went to dinner at Vivace.

We left for our vacation to the Pacific Northwest on 6/23.  We flew into Seattle.  The following day we made our way to Portland, OR stopping at some waterfalls including Multnomah Falls and ending the day at Portland Japanese Gardens.  Multnomah Falls was busy since it was a Saturday and it was also hard photographing because I was shooting into the sun.  The Portland Japanese Gardens were a little disappointing, too.  They had one star attraction which was a little waterfall with koi fist and irises.  I have seen pictures of this place in the Fall and it is absolutely beautiful so one day I hope to return in the Fall.  Sunday we went to Cannon Beach.  I loved it there and wish we had more time.  We got there early before most of the people started arriving.  We explored the tide pools and walked the beach.  They even have puffin there, but I don't think I saw any.  We did see an eagle in, though, so the seagulls and other birds went crazy.  Then we made our way to Vancouver, British Columbia that night.  Monday we went over to Stanley Park.  We went to the aquarium there and walked around the park.  Then we went to the Vancouver Lookout and ate at the revolving restaurant.  On the way back to the hotel we stopped to see the steam clock.  Paul also bought me an ammolite necklace in Vancouver.  The following day we drove to Seattle.  We went to the Space Needle and ate at the revolving restaurant.  Then we went over the Public Market and got there just as they were closing up.  We got to see them throw some fish, though!  We ended the night with a Mariners game.  They lost to the Phillies, 2-8.  Wednesday we went to Mount Rainier National Park.  We saw deer, beautiful waterfalls and the snow-capped mountain.  Paul thinks we saw about 1/4 of the park.  The following mourning we took the same route through the park in reverse to get back to the Seattle airport to leave town.  Just before entering the park we saw elk with a baby.  As we were leaving the park I finally got to see a marmot, my first time seeing one ever.  We missed a turn somewhere, though, and had to take an alternate route to the airport.  We were cutting it very close and made it to the gate just as they were boarding the plane.  This was Nathan's first time going out of the country.  We got home to the 105+ temp so I missed the 50s and 60s of Mount Rainier National Park.

For the 4th of July we just cooked out and watched the fireworks from our back balcony.

Sunday Paul leaves for Burlington.  Nathan starts the 3rd session of summer school on Monday.  He is taking Baking Buddies, Non-Stop Art, Indoor Games and World Explorers.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Summer is here

4/12/17  I went to Tohono Chul Park, Tucson Botanical Gardens and the Pima County Cooperative Extension Gardens.

I went to Bach's Cactus Nursery and Pima County Cooperative Extension Gardens on 4/15.  Paul and Nathan went to a U of A vs Oregon baseball game.

4/16  Easter!  Nathan got a lot of goodies from the Easter Bunny and we went to church.

4/17 I went to Tohono Chul Park, Tucson Botanical Gardens, Pima County Cooperative Extension Gardens and Pima Prickly Park.

Nathan had a field trip to the Reid Park Zoo on 4/20.  He had not been to the zoo in awhile.  He liked the green python snake since he is into snakes right now.  Snakes and sharks!

4/21 I went to Bach's Cactus Nursery, Tohono Chul Park, Tucson Botanical Gardens, Pima County Cooperative Extension Gardens and Pima Prickly Park!

4/23 Paul and Nathan went to see Smurfs at the movies.  Back in grade school they used to call me a smurf because I was short.  I guess there are worse things to be made fun of!

I went to the Desert Museum on 4/24.

I went to Bach's Cactus Nursery, Tohono Chul Park, Tucson Botanical Gardens and Pima County Cooperative Extension Gardens on 4/25.

4/27 I went to Tohono Chul Park, Tucson Botanical Gardens and Pima County Cooperative Extension Gardens.

I went to Tohono Chul Park on 4/28.

4/29 I went to Tohono Chul Park.  Paul and Nathan went to a U of A vs ASU softball game.  It was an expensive day for us.  We got new tires on both my Grand Prix and Paul's Fusion for $1200.  Then our garage door opener broke and it cost us $800 to fix that.

Paul and Nathan went to the Pima County Fair on 4/30.  Nathan got a picture with a snake wrapped around his neck.  The old Nathan would have been scared to do that, but now he likes snakes.

5/2 I went to Tohono Chul Park, Tucson Botanical Gardens and Pima County Cooperative Extension Gardens.

5/3 I went to Tohono Chul Park, Tucson Botanical Gardens and Pima Prickly Park.

May the 4th be with you!  Nathan wore his Star Wars shirt for Star Wars Day at school.  Nathan loves Star Wars!  I went to Tohono Chul Park and Tucson Botanical Gardens.  Nathan had his musical performance at school that night.
5/5 I went to Tohono Chul Park.

5/6 I went to Tohono Chul Park and DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun.

Paul and Nathan went bowling on 5/7.

5/8 I went to the Desert Museum.

I went to Northwest RV & Storage, Tohono Chul Park and Tucson Botanical Gardens on 5/9.

I went to Tohono Chul Park on 5/10.

5/11 I went to Tohono Chul Park, Tucson Botanical Gardens and the Reid Park Rose Garden.

5/12 I went to Tohono Chul Park and Tucson Botanical Gardens.

Paul and Nathan went to the Titan Missle Museum on 5/13.

Nathan made me some cute stuff at school for Mother's Day on 5/14.  He made me a cute tile that says I Heart You and drew a rainbow, him, me a bluebird and a cardinal.  He said he drew the cardinal for the St Louis Cardinals and purposely did not draw a bear for the Chicago Cubs!  The little snot!  He also made me a cute card.  Handmade gifts from your child are the best!

I went to Arthur Pack Park on 5/15.  I finally got to see a family of ground squirrels with several babies.  It took awhile for me to gain their trust, but my patience paid off and I got some cute pictures.  Nathan lost his two front teeth!  He lost one at school and the other one at night.  It had been about a year since he lost any teeth.  This was #3 & #4.

I went to the Desert Museum on 5/16 & 5/17.

I went to Northwest RV & Storage and back to the Desert Museum on 5/18.  It was the best day to be at the Desert Museum because they had a ton of torch cacti blooming.  They also had two bighhorn sheep lambs and prairie dog pups.

5/19 I went to Tohono Chul Park, DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun and Tucson Botanical Gardens.  Paul got promoted to Senior Director of Finance.  Pam had left to work at corporate in Burlington, MA leaving her position open.  They finally gave the position to Paul!  He had been waiting for a promotion for awhile and considered finding a job outside Aetna.  He is getting a $10k raise and will be in a higher bonus category.  God has taken care of us once again.  Paul has gone through a couple of company buyouts and we had to move to Tucson, but through it all Paul has not lost his job and has been promoted several times.

Nathan had his last day of school on 5/25!  It was Hawaiian Day so he wore his Hawaiian shirt.  He made high honor roll for the 4th quarter!  He was on honor roll the whole year.  He even got an E for exceeding the standard in Art for the 4th quarter.  So he is now an official 2nd grader!

Nathan lost another tooth on 5/26!  He is on a roll now!

Memorial Day was 5/29.  We attended the Memorial Day ceremony at the Veteran's Cemetery in Marana like we did last year.  Later that day, Paul and Nathan went to the water park.

5/30-6/2  Nathan is participating in a Lego summer camp at his school.  It is 9-12 each day.  He did the Lego club in the spring so we thought we would continue the fun.

He starts the FLIGHT program at Casas Christian School on 6/5.  He did this program last summer and liked it so we decided to do it again this summer.  Session 1 he will be Creation Station, Let's Play, Hablas Espanol? and Science Olympics.  He will miss 6/9 because we will be going to Chicago for the weekend to surprise my grandma at her 99th birthday party.  We return from Chicago on 6/12 and Lisa will be coming to visit 6/13-6/22.  Session 1 ends on 6/13 and then we will be headed to Seattle!  We plan to visit Vancouver and Portland, OR while we are up that way.  Our vacation will be 6/13-6/29.  Paul will be traveling to Burlington, MA 7/9-7/12 to meet with some of his new staff.  Here at home Nathan will be starting Session 3 of summer school on 7/10.  His last day of summer school will be 7/21.  We have the Leman Meet & Greet on 7/31 to meet Nathan's new teacher for the 2nd grade and then his first day will be 8/2.  It is going to be a busy summer!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Easter is coming!

Wow, I can not believe how long it has been since I updated our blog.  Time really has been flying.

On 1/24 I got FITTED for my crown.

On 1/31, I went to Reid Park Zoo and Reid Park.

I went to the Desert Museum, Columbus Park and Sweetwater Wetlands on 2/3.

We played basketball and wiffle ball on 2/5 at the park.  Nathan did pretty good at wiffle ball.

On 2/9, I got my crown put on.  The whole process of getting a root canal and crown was long and miserable.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I was told that I would need a root canal.  .

I went to Tucson Botanical Gardens on 2/10.

Bella turned 9 on 2/11.

We went and played basketball and wiffle ball again on 2/12.

Paul and Nathan went to see Lego Batman on 2/18.

I went to Tohono Chul Park on 2/20.

Nathan had off 2/23 & 2/24 for Rodeo Days so we went up to Phoenix.  We went to the peach blossom festival at Schnepf Farms.  It was our first time visiting this farm.  There weren't many peach blossoms, though.  They decided to extend the festival because of this.  It was still an enjoyable day, though.  I loved the salad that I got there for lunch, made from fresh vegetables at their farm.  We went to the Scottsdale Civic Center on 2/24 and then to a Giant's vs Reds game on 2/24.  The Giants ended up winning.  The next day I went to Butterfly Wonderland while the boys went to the railroad park and then we went to see the Cubs vs Athletics.  I got to see the World Series trophy!  Cubs won, too!  Our last day in Phoenix we went to a White Sox vs. Rockies game.  The Sox won.

3/2 was Dr Seuss Day.  Nathan loves the Dr Seuss books.  His favorite is Green Eggs & Ham.

I went to see the poppies at Picacho Peak on 3/6, but was disappointed because there weren't very many.

I went to Reid Park Zoo, the rose garden and Tucson Botanical Gardens on 3/7.  I finally got to see the new meerkats at the zoo!

I went to Tohono Chul Park on 3/8.

I convinced Paul to take me to Peridot Mesa on 3/11 to see the poppies.  It was beautiful!  I think I got even better pictures than the previous year.  That place puts Picacho Peak to shame.  We saw a lot of wildflowers on the way back, too.

Paul went to Hartford, CT for work 3/12-3/15.    

I went to Tohono Chul Park on St Patty's Day.

Nathan had spring break from 3/18-3/26.  Paul and Nathan went to NASCAR in Phoenix on 3/19.  We left for Vegas on 3/22.  We first took a picture by the welcome sign when we got in town.  Then we went to the Harley store.  We ate dinner at Hard Rock Cafe and then went to M&M World and the Hershey Store.  That night we stayed at the Travelodge.  The next day we did the Eiffel Tower Experience.  Then we went to the Flamingo to see the flamingos.  We ate lunch at Margaritaville. Then we took a gondola ride at the Venetian.  From there we went to the Mirage to go to the Secret Garden of Siegried & Roy.  Then we went to Caesars Palace.  We ate dinner in there at the Cheesecake Factory.  Then we went to the Bellagio to see the garden inside.  We went and checked into our hotel, the Stratosphere and then went up to the observation deck.  The next day we went to Counts Kustoms.  Paul was excited to go there, but I thought it was rather odd.  We went to the Monster Jam World Finals after that.  First we got to see all of the trucks and meet some of the drivers.  I was most excited to see the new truck, Wonder Woman!  It was a long day.  We got through the pit party pretty fast and then had to wait for the evening event.  The evening event was the racing event. Son-Uva Digger ended up winning.  They had a really cool finale where all of the trucks came out at the same time. On 3/25, we got a monorail pass and went to the other end of the strip to the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay.  We ate lunch at House of Blues.  We also got to meet and take a picture with Pete Rose.  Paul was excited about that.  We went inside the Luxor.  Then we made are way down back to the Mirage to get our pictures taken with a dolphin.  Nathan slipped when he was by the dolphin so that scared him and he did not enjoy the experience as much as we did.  We ate dinner that night at Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill inside Harrah's.  I have to admit the tortilla soup was really good.  That night we saw the volcano erupt at the Mirage before heading back to the Stratosphere.  We started heading back to Tucson on 3/26.  We stopped at Lake Mead National Recreation Area and went to the marina store as well as the beach area.  We saw a lot of ladybugs!  From there we stopped in Peach Springs, AZ.  Route 66 was lined with peach trees, but that is about all they had there.  We did eat lunch there at the only place we could find.  Then we went to Seligman, AZ.  They had more Disney Cars related stuff there and we had dessert at the Roadkill Cafe.

I went to Tohono Chul Park and Tucson Botanical Gardens on 3/28.

On 3/30, I went to Bach's Cactus Nursery, Tohono Chul Park, Tucson Botanical Gardens and Pima Prickly Park.

I went back to Tohono Chul Park on 3/31.

On 4/3, I went to Bach's Cactus Nursery, Tohono Chul Park, Tucson Botanical Gardens and the Reid Park Rose Garden.

The next day I went to Bach's Cactus Nursery and Arthur Pack Park.  I am really disappointed because I hardly see any round tailed ground squirrels at Arthur Pack Park anymore.  Nathan also started his Lego Club at school on 4/4.  He will meet for Lego Club every Tuesday until the end of the school year.

On 4/5, I went to Northwest RV & Self Storage.  They had one Argentine Giant open.  Then I went to Bach's Cactus Nursery, Tucson Botanical Gardens and the Reid Park Rose Garden.

Nathan had his Honors assembly on 4/6.  He made honor roll for the 3rd quarter.  He did not make high honors or the Principal's Award this quarter, though.  He was very close.  If he does really well the last quarter he may be able to make high honors and the Principal's Award again.

The next day I went to Tohono Chul Park, Tucson Botanical Gardens and Pima Prickly Park.

Nathan participated in a paper airplane contest at the Pima Air & Space Museum on 4/8.  He made it to the 3rd round and the top 12!

We went to see the Easter Bunny on 4/9.

Yesterday I went to Bach's Cactus Nursery, Tohono Chul Park, Tucson Botanical Gardens and DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun.  DeGrazia sill does not have many cactus flowers blooming.  All of the cactus flowers seemed to have started blooming a couple of weeks late this year compared to last year.

Tonight we will be having the Lord's Supper at church.  Tomorrow will be "Good Friday" which is actually on Wednesday.  3 days and 3 nights means Jesus died on Wednesday and rose on Saturday night because they found the tomb empty on Easter Sunday.  This Easter we don't have any big plans.


Thursday, January 19, 2017

The New Year has come and gone...

Nathan was off of school 12/22-1/9.  He made out for Christmas.

I had a toothache right before Christmas so I went to the dentist on 12/23.  They removed the filling and told me that I would need a root canal.  My dentist office was closed for the holidays.  The dental office I went to had a endodontist, but he was also on vacation for the holidays.  So I scheduled my root canal for 1/17.  This was my first root canal.  I never had a problem with my fillings before so now I am nervous about the rest of the them.  The root canal took about an hour and a half.  Now I have to go back on 1/24 to get the crown.  It seems like this nightmare never ends.  I go for my dental cleaning in about a month.  I sure hope everything checks out fine because I don't know if I can go through this again.

We took Nathan bowling for the first time on 12/27.  We had a lot of fun.  We were only going to play 3 games, but Nathan kept wanting to play more.  We ended up playing 5 games.  I did really good the 1st game and deteriorated from there.  Paul did better in the later games.  Nathan was close to 100 on some of the games (with bumpers)!

Grandma June and Carol Lambros decided to come visit Nathan 12/31-1/10.  They got here on New Year's Eve.  We met them at Taste of Texas for dinner.  We watched the ball drop in NYC on TV (2 hours before midnight) here and decided to call it a night.  We went to church on New Year's Day and then to Grimaldi's for lunch.  For my 42nd birthday we just went to dinner at Macayo's and had dessert at Krispy Kreme!  I took them to Tohono Chul Park for lunch on 1/5 and then we went to Sabino Canyon.  The water was flowing over some of the bridges.  Nathan and I walked a little and Nathan was excited that a butterfly landed on him at one point.  We went to see Moana at the movies on 1/6.  On 1/7, we started the day at IHOP.  A lady was there making balloons and made Nathan a Harley balloon.  From there we went to Saguaro National Park (West).  Then we drove down to Santa Rita Lodge in Madera Canyon.  I saw a Magnificient Hummingbird, Mexican Jays, Acorn Woodpeckers, Turkeys and a Hepatic Tanager.  We went to dinner at the Stables in Tubac.  The movie Tin Cup was filmed there.  We had brunch at Lowe's Ventana Canyon after church on 1/8.

Nathan went back to school on 1/9 and got his 2nd qtr report card.  He got all As!  He got a M for Art, Music and Spanish.  He got an E for PE.  He got a M for caring, citizenship, perserverance and respect.  He got APP for responsibility and trustworthiness.

Nathan had his 7 year pediatrician appointment on 1/18.  He weighs 51 lbs and is 48.5" tall.

Today Nathan had his awards ceremony at school.  He made high honors the 2nd quarter and won the Principal's Award.  The Principal's Award is high honors for the semester.  We thought he just missed that, but they must have rounded up.  So that was a nice surprise.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Nathan is 7!

So we went to the North Pole!  We surprised Nathan with the North Pole Experience in Flagstaff on 11/25.  He liked it.  He said he liked it even more than the Polar Express train ride we did last year in Williams.  That night we stayed at the Oak Creek Terrace in Sedona.  A cool place.  Our room had a jacuzzi and fireplace.

The next day we went to Out of Africa.  We had only been once before when Nathan was much younger and it was really hot when we went.  We enjoyed ourselves and even got to feed a tiger.

On 11/27, we went to Bearizona.  I always like going to Bearizona.  After that we went to the Grand Canyon Deer Farm.  We had only been there once before, too, a long time ago.  It was getting cold by that time and was snowing pretty good!  We fed the deer and even got to feed an elk that they rescued.  That night the power went off at Oak Creek Terrace because of the weather.  That was an interesting night with no heat most of the night!

The next day we just explored Sedona a little bit with the snow on the red rocks.

Nathan had his musical performance at school on 12/6.  Kindergarten and 1st Grade performed together so there were like 200 kids.  Nathan was so nervous that night, but he was pretty much lost in that crowd of kids.  We also could not see very well to even get decent pictures.  But Nathan was really good.

Nathan turned 7 on 12/15!  He did not want a party this year because he said the boys in his class are mean to him.  I think it is mostly just Jonathon, who has problems at school in general.  All Nathan wanted to do for his birthday was see his friend Jade from preschool.  So I contacted her mom and arranged to meet them for dinner at Peter Piper Pizza on 12/16.  Jade has turned into a girly girl!  She used to be more of a tomboy.  That night she dressed up in a pretty dress and her mom said she is into more girl things now, like princesses.  But her and Nathan still seemed to have fun together.  Nathan really likes the Batman video game there.  He was steering and Jade was pushing the foot pedals.  Her parents paid for the food, got a cake and gave him a gift (Turbo car launcher).  On Nathan's birthday, the day before he got together with Jade, he wanted to go to Hooters for dinner.  He wanted their boneless wings.  Then we went home and had some Turbo cake!

On 12/17, we went to Winterhaven to see the Christmas lights.  Each year it seems like they decorate less.  I don't like the crowds either.  But I do love to see Christmas lights.

For his birthday, Nathan also wanted to see the new Star Wars movie.  So we saw Star Wars Rogue One on 12/18.  I thought it was good, but Paul didn't.  He is not really a Star Wars fan.  I am not really one either and have not seen the Star Wars movies in years.  I thought this one was pretty good and kept you on the edge of the seat.  Nathan loves the Star Wars movies.  They are his favorite movies (Turbo is second, which came out in 2013, but he saw for the first time this year).  We have all of the Star Wars movies on DVD and he watches them often.

Christmas will be here in just a few days.  It falls on Sunday this year so we plan to go to church that day because, after all, Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Happy Holidays!

I went to the Reid Park Rose Garden and the zoo on 11/2.

I went back to the Reid Park Rose Garden and to the Tucson Botanical Gardens on 11/8.

On 11/9,  Tulla turned 10!  She is doing really good for her age, especially since she broke her leg as a pup and has a pin in it.

We went to Phoenix for Veteran's Day and the weekend.  On Veteran's Day, 11/11, we went to the Phoenix Zoo.  The next day we met and autographs from Kevin Harvick.  Afterward, we went to the Wildlife World Zoo.  The next day, 11/13, we went to the NASCAR race.  Kevin Harvick came in 4th place.  #22 won the race.  I think that may be the last race I go to.  It was not bad when we first started going because it was a new experience.  Now it is starting to get old.  It is a lot of walking, I don't like crowds and it is a long day.  I did not feel good at all on the way home.

We normally spend Thanksgiving with the Alvirs, but they moved to the Phoenix area.  This year it will just be the 3 of us, but the day after Thanksgiving we will be headed to Sedona/Flagstaff.  We are staying in Sedona, but we are taking Nathan to the Flagstaff North Pole Experience as a surprise.  We may also do Bearizona while we are in town.

Also in November the Cubs won the World Series!  Woo hoo!  I am happy, but the boys are not.  Daddy has brainwashed Nathan into not liking the Cubs.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

We are back!

We had a great trip!  So we started at the Albuquerque Zoo.  It was raining when we got there, but stopped later on.  They were doing a lot of construction there with new exhibits, but we got to see a tasmanian devil and several animal babies, like an oragutan and twin monkeys.  From there we went over to the Gardens for a quick view.  Not a lot blooming at the time, but it was nice to see.  They did have some morning glories which are one of my favorites and a Japanese garden with a waterfall. The next day was the Balloon Fiesta.  It was cool to see all of the balloons.  I think this was our 3rd year going.  We did not get to see a lot of the special shape balloons, though.  I think they fly those on special days during the fiesta.  From Albuquerque we drove to Durango, CO.  We went to the train museum there where Nathan got a chance to ride in a locomotive with the engineer.  We were watching them turn the locomotive on the platform to move into the shed when the engineer came out and asked Nathan and another little boy if they wanted to ride in the train.  Nathan was thrilled!  The next day we took the train ride from Durango to Silverton and back.  It was very beautiful.  I sat with Paul and Nathan to Silverton, but went in the gondola car on the way back.  It was much easier getting pictures in the gondola.  The next day we drove that same route.  As cool as the train ride was, you could see so much more on the million dollar highway and stop whenever you wanted.  The views were awesome with the yellow Aspens and the snow capped mountains.  It was overcast and rainy during a lot of our trip.  So it was hard getting good pictures without good lighting and they look a little drab since the snow on the mountains blends in with the sky.  The pictures really do not the actual landscape justice.  I was using a new camera, too.  I finally bought a new DSRL - a Nikon D7200.  After stopping in Silverton to go the Harley Davidson and eat lunch, we drove up to Grand Junction.  We saw some waterfalls along the way, too.  One stop we made was at Box Canyon.  There was a waterfall there and they had chipmunks!   When we got to Grand Junction we had dinner with Paul's friend Tim and his family.  The next day we started our trek home.  Our first stop was in Telluride.  We took a gondola ride up and over the mountain to Mountain Village.  The gondola ride was even free!  We also caught it just in time because it is only operating another week until they close it for the season.  Then they start the ski lifts.  Telluride is a cool little town.  On our way out of town we saw a group of Elk.  Another stop we made was at Four Corners National Monument.  So we got to stand in four states at once - Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico.  That night we stayed in Flagstaff, AZ.  I developed a cold and the next morning it was in the 30s.  The plan was to go the Snowbowl and check out Aspen Corner.  I really was not up to it, but Paul got out and took a few pictures.  The Snowbowl was closed and we did not want to wait over an hour for it to open.  So we decided to head to Sedona.  It was disappointing because there was not a lot of color there.  It looks like we missed some of color or the trees did just not turn a pretty yellow this year.  We ate at Picazzo's Organic Italian Kitchen and then went to Airport Rd to view Sedona from above.  Then we drove home :(

Nathan returned to school this past Monday.  We got his first quarter grades and he got all A's.  There will be an Awards Ceremony on Thursday for him making honor roll!  He got a M for meeting the standard in Art, but the comment was that he is often off-task.  He got an APP for approaching the standard in Spanish with the same comment.  So those are areas that he/we need to work on.  We have not met those teachers before, though, and this was the first feedback we got from them.  His teacher also gave him a character evaluation.  He is meeting the standard for being caring, perseverance and citizenship.  He is approaching the standard for respect, responsibility and trustworthiness.  

This Saturday we are going to Apple Annie's to pick our pumpkins.  

Next weekend we are doing the Air and Space Museum's Boneyard walk.  For Halloween, Nathan is going to be Chase from Paw Patrol, Bella is going to be Marshall and Tulla is going to be Skye.