Sunday, January 11, 2015

It's a new year...

We had a nice Christmas, but I was sick.  Nathan of course made out like a bandit.  He got all kinds of new toys and gifts.  I got Paul a gift card for Jason's Deli and IHOP.  I also got him an Angels jersey, a Noah's Ark tie, Escape, Drakkar, ho hos, etc...

We went to the Manheim Steamroller concert at U of A on 12/27.  I was a little disappointed in it. They played some songs that I did not even know and they had some strange things going on on the screen behind them.  I love their Christmas music, though.

New Year's Eve was spent at home.  We were all in bed before midnight!

We woke up to snow in Tucson on New Year's Day!  We did not have snow in our area, but there was snow in the valley.  We decided to go take a hike by Pima Canyon Trail.  It was just beautiful and I got some great pictures.  We also drove by Gates Pass and some of Saguaro National Park.  Oro Valley got a great dusting of snow.

My 40th birthday was on 1/2.  I am not really happy about turning 40.  I feel so old.  I wish I had more to show for my life, too.  But it is what it is.  I spent the day with my son since he was off for school for 2 weeks.  He was so sweet to me.  He sang happy birthday to me like 4 times.  Paul got me a tres leches birthday cake. We went to Olive Garden for dinner.

On 1/3, we went to Phoenix Zoo and then we went ice skating downtown Phoenix.  None of us know how to ice skate, but we had a good time.  They have a nice set up there.  My feet were hurting too much for me to get the hang of skating.  Nathan kept falling, but he tried and he did not cry.  We ate dinner down there at Copper Blues.

My aunt D.J. died on 1/6.  She had been sick for awhile so we knew it was coming.  She got an infection and they had to take her off dialysis and her ventilator.  She agreed to a DNR.  I think the family is handling it well.  They had an extra year with her that they did not think they would have. Unfortunately, we had not seen her for at least a couple of years.  She was a great aunt to me and I was close to her growing up.  I will miss her.  Her funeral was on Friday, 1/9.  Unfortunately, we were not able to go.  It would have been too expensive to fly there and too complicated with Nathan.

I went to Reid Park Zoo and the Tucson Botanical Gardens on 1/7.