Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tomorrow is August already!

On 7/23, I went to the Desert Museum.

Nathan had his one year speech evaluation on 7/24.  Basically, we determined if we met the goals we set a year ago and then we had to come up with new goals.  One previous goal was to get Nathan to play independently more...which he does.  Another one was for Nathan to say hi and bye to daddy when he leaves and gets home from work...which he does.  Getting him to sleep through the night was another goal...that one is questionable.  He sleeps through the night for the most part, but daddy sleeps with him or at least sleeps in his room until he falls asleep...and mommy has to sleep in there during nap time.  New goals are to get him potty trained before he turns three, to get him to sleep alone and to get him to put more than two or three words together.  All in all, they said he is doing pretty good and they even suggested switching speech therapy from 2x/month to once every three weeks.  I decided to stick with 2x/month because I want to get as much therapy as I can in now before he turns three and they no longer provide it.  I know the next few months will go by fast and Nathan is still not really where he should be with his speech...but he has made a lot of progress in the last couple of months.  The challenge comes when he turns three.  We have decided not to start the process of switching over to the public school system when he turns three.  We are hoping he won't need speech therapy after that time.  While it would be free through the public school system, it would be 4 days/week for 3 hours/day.  That is a lot!  Especially considering we have already enrolled him at Casas three days a week.  The public school could pick him up at Casas for the speech therapy each day, but there is no guarantee as to what time of day.  Thus, we could essentially be paying for 3 hours of school at Casas while he is at a public school getting speech therapy. 

On 7/26, I went to Reid Park Zoo.

7/27 was Nathan's last day of summer school and his last day with Ms. Sally (Love).  She was such a great teacher.  I hope Ms. Carrie is just as good.  This week the school is taking a break before Nathan starts next Monday in the 2 year old PDO program.  While Nathan was at school, I went shopping and had lunch with Ann Alvir.

On 7/28, I went to Reid Park Zoo again.  They had a birthday party for the lion cubs who turned one. 

Today Paul took the day off to help me with Nathan since he will be home all week with me.  First, he had a doctor appointment.  His hemoglobin level was high.  Basically, he needs to make big changes in his diet and exercise.  So, he took Nathan grocery shopping and spent a ton of money right after I just went yesterday and spent a ton of money! Paul and Nathan also got haircuts today.  Nathan was a very good boy!

Nathan has been teething again this week.  Once again his appetite is light and he has been in quite a bit of pain.  I can't wait until he gets all of his teeth!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Today is a good day

Last Wednesday, 7/11, Nathan's school sent him home with a 103 degree temp.  Not sure what was going on, but we noticed he was running hot the day before, too.  I gave him medicine all day Thursday and kept him home from school on Friday just to be on the safe side. 

Saturday we went to Reid Park Zoo.  Nathan did not last long so we left and went to Maynards Market.  They had a farmer's market that day so I bought some tomatoes and salsa.  Nathan liked playing at the train table in the museum.  Of course he threw a tantrum when it was time to leave.  Nathan and daddy went home, but I decided to go back to the zoo.  It was very hot and humid that day.

Sunday we decided to stay home from church because it was supposed to be another hot and humid day.

Today Nathan went back to school.  He seems to be much better and even has his appetite back that was gone for a week or two.  I found out that one of the pictures I took at the zoo on Saturday was the most popular picture ever on the zoo's facebook page!  Hearing that was the highlight of my day.  I decided to sign up for the zoo's photo safari on 11/3 and for the desert museum's photowalk on 10/26 & 10/27.  I am particularly excited about the photowalk because I have never done that before.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hard to keep up...

I wish I could keep up with this blog more regularly. 

Friday night, I went to Reid Park Zoo for their summer safari night.  It was the last one of the season and the first one that I have ever been to.  It was a good time.  The lions were very playful, the giraffes got a popsicle treat and Snow the polar bear was entertaining.

Saturday, we went to Sabino Canyon hoping to see some water flowing since it rained so much on the 4th.  As I suspected, it was bone dry.  So then we took Nathan to Breakers Water Park.

Today Nathan had speech therapy.  He was not very talkative.  However, she was impressed that he is putting more words together and that he is using possessions and plurals.  Like she heard him say daddy's car today.  She said many kids still say daddy car and those are the ones who go on to need intensive speech therapy after they turn 3.  She said he is showing a lot of  progress with his speech and she is not that concerned about long term problems.  He has trouble pronouncing some words correctly, but she said that is typical so we should not worry about that right now.  He also said his name very clearly today and she liked that.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Last Friday, 6/29, I came down with a really bad cold or something.  Runny nose, sore throat, bodyaches...  I pulled myself together to go to Phoenix the next day to surprise our niece Ashley for her 10th birthday.  We went to Peter Piper Pizza and then swimming back at her grandparents.  Sunday I was so miserable so we did not go to church. 

Yesterday I took Nathan to Reid Park Zoo.  We got to see another peacock baby.  With all of those peacocks running around the zoo you would think there would be a lot more babies.

Last night we went to the "patriotic" service at church.  They had a little hot dog dinner beforehand.  We went, but I think it was a mistake.  It was very crowded and we ended up sitting in a small room with some kids and one other adult (eating our dinner on little desks).  We have gone to this church for like 3 years, but we still hardly know anybody there.  I guess it is our fault because we are not outgoing and we only go to Sunday morning service since it takes us 45 minutes to get to church.  Anyway, I felt very uncomfortable that night.  The church service itself was nice, though.  Nathan was not very cooperative during the dinner and during the service he started pushing again in the toddler room.  He was doing so good at church the last few times, but then he started pushing again. 

Today we brought Paul's car in for an oil change and some other maintenance.  Then we attempted to go to the Desert Museum.  It started downpouring so we turned around and decided to go to the zoo instead.  We left just in time for the rain to start again.  We picked up the car and went home.  Later tonight we hope to watch fireworks from our back balcony.  Nathan is taking a nap so maybe he will be up to see them this year.  I just hope they do not get rained out.