Friday, April 26, 2013

Where did April go?

On April 2nd, I took Nathan to the Desert Museum.

April 6th, Paul took Nathan to a U of A softball game while I tried to get things done at home.

4/9, I took Nathan to the Tucson Botanical Gardens.  He loved the train exhibit!  He was a little apprehensive about the Butterfly exhibit.  

On 4/13, I flew to Chicago for my 20th high school reunion.  It was strange going somewhere by myself.  It was held at Sullivan's in Midlothian.  There were about 50 people.  It was nice to see everyone.  Some people I did not remember from high school and others I did not recognize.  Unfortunately, the room was so smokey by the end of the night that some of us started leaving because of it.  It was cool to talk to so many people, though: Stacy Posch, Michele Kuhlmann, Rose Petertil, Bryan Kozik, Cara Fouts, Becky Kelley, Katie Schutt, Roberta Moran, Tom Leavy, etc...  I left to go back to Chicago the next day so that I could be back in time to watch Nathan when Paul went back to work on Monday.

4/15, my parents and Carol Lambros came to visit us.  We went up to Mt Lemmon on 4/16.  The ski lift and the restaurant on the top of the mountain were closed.  We ate at a new place up there where we have never been to before.  4/17, I took my parents to the Tucson Botanical Gardens while Carol was visiting her cousin in Phoenix.

4/18, we left for the Grand Canyon.  We spent most of the day in Sedona and then arrived at the Best Western in Williams that night.  On 4/19, Carol, my mom and I took a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon (per Carol's request).  That was the first time I had ever been in a helicopter.  It was cool, but some of my pictures did not come out very well because there was a lot of glare on the window.  After our helicopter ride we went by the south rim and ate at El Tovar.  Then we drove around the rim stopping at the different lookouts to take pictures.  The next day, Carol, my mom and I took a boat ride on the Colorado River (per Carol's request).  Due to a road closure on 89, it took us 3 and a half hours to drive to Page, AZ from Williams, AZ.  Afterward, we drove a few miles to see Horseshoe Bend (our boat ride was supposed to go by Horseshoe did, but we only went up to it and then turned around to go back...we did not go around it).  The hike to the Horseshoe Bend was .75 mile there and .75 back and my dad went with us to take pictures.  We left to go back home to Tucson on 4/21.  We spent a lot of the day at Bearizona in Williams, AZ.  Always love going there!

My parents left to go back home on 4/23.

On 4/24, I went to Tohono Chul Park hoping to see a lot of Spring flowers.  I was somewhat let down.  There was not a lot blooming.  I just hope we are in town when they have the Queen of the Night.

Yesterday, 4/25, Nathan and I went to the Desert Museum.  He wore me out!  We were there for like 5 hours and he still did not want to go home!

Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools!

On March 22, I went to the Tucson Botanical Gardens.  I like Tucson in the Spring.  Flowers were starting to bloom.  Guess it is time to go back because they say the irises are blooming now.

March 23rd Paul took Nathan to the 4th St Fair.  Then that evening we went to the Nitro Jam.  It was cold!  It was also very hard to get pictures.

March 24th we missed church because I was not feeling well.  Being out in the cold the night before made my cold worse.  Paul took Nathan to the Pima Air & Space Museum while I rested up at home.

On March 26th, we took Nathan to get his picture taken with the Easter Bunny.  He was excited to see the bunny!

On March 28th, Nathan helped me make his Disney Cars cookies and we colored eggs.  We also went to the zoo that day, but it was really crowded because a lot of kids were on spring break.

We had a very busy day on March 30th.  We took Nathan to Agua Linda Farms to do an Easter egg hunt.  Then we drove north to Phoenix to go to the final event at the Firebird International Raceway.  The show ran late and we did not get home until close to 1 am!  We left during the finale when Robosaurus came out.  We got glimpses of him and it was pretty cool to see.  We also saw a monster truck jump over two other monster trucks.  We also saw some of the nitro cars going up to 280 miles per hour.

Yesterday was Easter.  We went to church and then came home to have honey baked ham, homemade mashed potatoes and homemade deviled eggs.  Nathan also got quite the Easter basket from the Easter Bunny.  Reading books, coloring books, monster trucks, cars, fruities, m&ms, a chocolate cross, etc...  The Easter Bunny spoils him!