Thursday, January 19, 2017

The New Year has come and gone...

Nathan was off of school 12/22-1/9.  He made out for Christmas.

I had a toothache right before Christmas so I went to the dentist on 12/23.  They removed the filling and told me that I would need a root canal.  My dentist office was closed for the holidays.  The dental office I went to had a endodontist, but he was also on vacation for the holidays.  So I scheduled my root canal for 1/17.  This was my first root canal.  I never had a problem with my fillings before so now I am nervous about the rest of the them.  The root canal took about an hour and a half.  Now I have to go back on 1/24 to get the crown.  It seems like this nightmare never ends.  I go for my dental cleaning in about a month.  I sure hope everything checks out fine because I don't know if I can go through this again.

We took Nathan bowling for the first time on 12/27.  We had a lot of fun.  We were only going to play 3 games, but Nathan kept wanting to play more.  We ended up playing 5 games.  I did really good the 1st game and deteriorated from there.  Paul did better in the later games.  Nathan was close to 100 on some of the games (with bumpers)!

Grandma June and Carol Lambros decided to come visit Nathan 12/31-1/10.  They got here on New Year's Eve.  We met them at Taste of Texas for dinner.  We watched the ball drop in NYC on TV (2 hours before midnight) here and decided to call it a night.  We went to church on New Year's Day and then to Grimaldi's for lunch.  For my 42nd birthday we just went to dinner at Macayo's and had dessert at Krispy Kreme!  I took them to Tohono Chul Park for lunch on 1/5 and then we went to Sabino Canyon.  The water was flowing over some of the bridges.  Nathan and I walked a little and Nathan was excited that a butterfly landed on him at one point.  We went to see Moana at the movies on 1/6.  On 1/7, we started the day at IHOP.  A lady was there making balloons and made Nathan a Harley balloon.  From there we went to Saguaro National Park (West).  Then we drove down to Santa Rita Lodge in Madera Canyon.  I saw a Magnificient Hummingbird, Mexican Jays, Acorn Woodpeckers, Turkeys and a Hepatic Tanager.  We went to dinner at the Stables in Tubac.  The movie Tin Cup was filmed there.  We had brunch at Lowe's Ventana Canyon after church on 1/8.

Nathan went back to school on 1/9 and got his 2nd qtr report card.  He got all As!  He got a M for Art, Music and Spanish.  He got an E for PE.  He got a M for caring, citizenship, perserverance and respect.  He got APP for responsibility and trustworthiness.

Nathan had his 7 year pediatrician appointment on 1/18.  He weighs 51 lbs and is 48.5" tall.

Today Nathan had his awards ceremony at school.  He made high honors the 2nd quarter and won the Principal's Award.  The Principal's Award is high honors for the semester.  We thought he just missed that, but they must have rounded up.  So that was a nice surprise.