Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Summer Heat

Summer is in full swing and it has been hot!

I went to the Desert Museum and Arthur Pack Park on 5/20.

We celebrated Memorial Day by going to our church picnic at Fort Lowell Park on 5/25.  We brought a cake which seemed to go over well.

I went to Tucson Botanical Gardens on 5/29.

I went to Christopher Columbus Park and Sweetwater Wetlands on 6/8.

On 6/12, I went to Lakeside Park in search of a Tern which I never found.  Then I went to Reid Park and the Reid Park Rose Garden.

On 6/13, we went to Phoenix so I could check out the burrowing owlets at Zanjero Park.  We got a little lost so we got there later than planned.  I did get to see them, though, so it was a good experience.  It was too hot to stay that long, though.  Afterward, I went to Butterfly Wonderland while the boys went to the train park.

We took a last minute trip to San Diego from 6/19-6/23.  On 6/19 we started at the Coronado Dog Beach.  We had never been there so that is something I wanted to check out.  I wanted to stay and take pictures for awhile so we let Nathan play in the sand there.  We ended up getting sunburned that day because the sunscreen we used did not seem to work.  We ate dinner at our pizza place there on the island.  Then we went to our hotel in Encinitas (Best Western).  We were disappointed with our hotel because it did not give us the ocean views we were hoping for.  We went to Encinitas Beach to watch the sunset that night.

The next day we went to La Jolla Children's Beach to see the sea lions.  Not many of them were out where we normally view them, but I was able to see them at a different place.  They are still working on the pedestrian viewing area there and it will be open later this year.  After that the boys dropped me off at the San Diego Botanical Gardens and they went to Legoland.  The only reason I did not go with them is because it is so expensive and I have been there before.  That night we ate dinner at Ruby's on Oceanside Pier.

On Father's Day, we went to Old Point Loma Lighthouse and then we ate lunch/dinner at Seaport Village.

On 6/22, I went to the San Diego Zoo and the boys went to Coronado Island to play at the beach.  I enjoyed myself at the zoo, seeing a baby koala, baby orangutan and baby meerkats.  That night we ate dinner at the San Diego Hard Rock Cafe.

Our last day was on 6/23.  I walked around Balboa Park taking pictures of the flowers and the boys went to the San Diego Model Railroad Museum.  Then we headed home :(

Nathan's last day of speech therapy with Mrs. Debi was on 6/29.  She is so nice and did great work with Nathan so it was sad to end.  I just hope the work she did with him is enough to carry him through so he does not have to take up speech therapy again when he is in Kindergarten at Sonoran Science Academy.  I also hope that we keep in touch with Mrs. Debi.  Nathan and I really like her.

Yesterday I surprised Nathan with a mommy and son day.  I took him to the movies to see Inside Out.  He said he liked it.  He was so sweet during the movie, snuggling with me, kissing me and telling me that he loved me.  I guess he was really happy to get out of the house because we have not done much lately, mainly because of the heat.  Afterward, we checked out the new Children's Museum in Oro Valley.  I was disappointed because it was in a strip mall and was pretty small.  It was also geared toward toddlers.  Nathan still had fun, though, and did not want to leave.  Then we went for a late lunch at Pita Jungle.

We also finally got Nathan's new bedroom furniture.  His room is currently Thomas the Train.  I am sure that won't last long because his interests are already shifting.  The room is mostly done, but we are still contemplating doing custom shelving to house his toys and books.  I also need to get some new window treatments and possibly a bedskirt.  Getting him to sleep in his room is still a challenge sometimes, especially because monsoon season has started.