Sunday, February 2, 2014

End of January

After the Jack Hanna show on 1/26, we ate dinner at Gentle Ben's.  Paul and I both got food poisoning.  We were sicker than dogs the next day.  Neither of us could take Nathan to school so he was not happy about that.  He likes his new class now.

On Wednesday, 1/29, I spent like 5 hours at Pep Boys with Paul's Grand Am.  I went for an oil change, but ended up getting brake pads, too.  We plan to sell the car soon and we will probably be buying a Ford Fusion Hybrid.

On Friday, 1/31, I went to the Tucson Botanical Gardens to see the butterflies.  I have been so disappointed in their display this year.  I only saw like a handful of different kinds of butterflies.  It really does not compare to Butterfly Wonderland.  Afterward, I stopped by Fort Lowell Park to take pictures of the ducks and birds.  I only saw two kinds of birds, the woodpecker and the kingfisher. The kingfisher did its best to escape me, but I did get one picture of it.

This weekend Paul got another ear infection.  He and Nathan spent most of Saturday at CVS Minute Clinic.