Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Nathan is 7!

So we went to the North Pole!  We surprised Nathan with the North Pole Experience in Flagstaff on 11/25.  He liked it.  He said he liked it even more than the Polar Express train ride we did last year in Williams.  That night we stayed at the Oak Creek Terrace in Sedona.  A cool place.  Our room had a jacuzzi and fireplace.

The next day we went to Out of Africa.  We had only been once before when Nathan was much younger and it was really hot when we went.  We enjoyed ourselves and even got to feed a tiger.

On 11/27, we went to Bearizona.  I always like going to Bearizona.  After that we went to the Grand Canyon Deer Farm.  We had only been there once before, too, a long time ago.  It was getting cold by that time and was snowing pretty good!  We fed the deer and even got to feed an elk that they rescued.  That night the power went off at Oak Creek Terrace because of the weather.  That was an interesting night with no heat most of the night!

The next day we just explored Sedona a little bit with the snow on the red rocks.

Nathan had his musical performance at school on 12/6.  Kindergarten and 1st Grade performed together so there were like 200 kids.  Nathan was so nervous that night, but he was pretty much lost in that crowd of kids.  We also could not see very well to even get decent pictures.  But Nathan was really good.

Nathan turned 7 on 12/15!  He did not want a party this year because he said the boys in his class are mean to him.  I think it is mostly just Jonathon, who has problems at school in general.  All Nathan wanted to do for his birthday was see his friend Jade from preschool.  So I contacted her mom and arranged to meet them for dinner at Peter Piper Pizza on 12/16.  Jade has turned into a girly girl!  She used to be more of a tomboy.  That night she dressed up in a pretty dress and her mom said she is into more girl things now, like princesses.  But her and Nathan still seemed to have fun together.  Nathan really likes the Batman video game there.  He was steering and Jade was pushing the foot pedals.  Her parents paid for the food, got a cake and gave him a gift (Turbo car launcher).  On Nathan's birthday, the day before he got together with Jade, he wanted to go to Hooters for dinner.  He wanted their boneless wings.  Then we went home and had some Turbo cake!

On 12/17, we went to Winterhaven to see the Christmas lights.  Each year it seems like they decorate less.  I don't like the crowds either.  But I do love to see Christmas lights.

For his birthday, Nathan also wanted to see the new Star Wars movie.  So we saw Star Wars Rogue One on 12/18.  I thought it was good, but Paul didn't.  He is not really a Star Wars fan.  I am not really one either and have not seen the Star Wars movies in years.  I thought this one was pretty good and kept you on the edge of the seat.  Nathan loves the Star Wars movies.  They are his favorite movies (Turbo is second, which came out in 2013, but he saw for the first time this year).  We have all of the Star Wars movies on DVD and he watches them often.

Christmas will be here in just a few days.  It falls on Sunday this year so we plan to go to church that day because, after all, Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus.