Thursday, February 23, 2012

Vday: Nathan had another party at daycare.  He threw up.  Not sure if he was sick or if he just did not like what he was eating.

Thursday, 2/16: Nathan and I went to the zoo....again.  When we got home daddy was already home.  He left work early because he was sick.  Mommy got sick later that night.

Friday, 2/17: Our 9th anniversary.  We both stayed home sick with the stomach flu/food poisoning.  We kept Nathan home from daycare because we were not sure if he was sick, too. 

Saturday, 2/18:  We went to the Picture Rocks Miniature Horse Ranch.  We were disappointed.  Nathan did not enjoy it very much.

Sunday, 2/19: We went to the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix.


Not too much else has happened this week.  Tomorrow Nathan would normally go to daycare, but they are closed for Rodeo Days.  Not too happy about that one.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Yay for Photography!

Wednesday's speech therapy was not quite as productive as last week.  This time around Nathan was less attentive.  He was pushing the dog, he was throwing things, etc...  However, I have to say that his speech is improving every day.  He is trying to say new words.  In particular, he is getting good at repeating a word back to you after you say a word.  We were at the zoo on Thursday and he said otter unprompted when we saw the otters.  On Friday we saw a fire truck and he started making a siren noise.  His teacher said they are working on their letters A-F and he has been repeating them back to her. 

So Thursday was another zoo day.  We met daddy for lunch and then Nathan and I went to the zoo afterward.

Friday Nathan had a Valentine's Day party at school.  The parents were invited so I attended.  It was fun and I got to meet a couple of the other moms.

Today I took an Intro to Digital Photography workshop that I bought through Groupon.  It was sort of over my head.  I realize now just how much there is to learn about photography.  I need to study it more and start by learning how my camera operates.  I did pick up a few tips today, though.  It was overwhelming, but I am anxious to learn more.

While I was at my photography workshop, Paul took Nathan to the Tucson Gem Show.  He bought me a green tourmaline gem for Valentine's Day/our anniversary.  Now I just have to get it set in a ring or something.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Our Weekend

On Saturday I went to the Desert Museum to take some pictures.  I got a lot of good ones.  I can't wait to go back in a month or so when the flowers start blooming.

Saturday night we filed our taxes.  Bring on the refund!

Sunday we went to church.  Once again Nathan had problems pushing.  I really hope this phase does not last long.

Friday, February 3, 2012


I have not updated our blog all week!  Nathan was a little better at daycare on Tuesday. 

On Wednesday, he had his speech therapy with the new therapist, Sue.  It was an encouraging session.  She said the prior meeting she was concerned about him, but this time around she is not as worried.  He is active, but she does not suspect ADD at this point.  She said he runs with a purpose (like to grab a toy in the other room to show to her).  Unlike our former therapist, she does not want to try to get him to sit still for speech therapy.  She said she will just work speech therapy around his activity.  Like when he was going down his little slide we worked on ready set go.  The emphasis on go to try and get him to say that.  Also, using the sign for go.  He was more talkative this time around, too.  She said some of the things he is doing with his speech are normal for a child just learning to talk.  Yes, he is behind, but she does not see anything else wrong.  He even said bye to her and he has never said bye before.  I really like her and I am so glad that we have switched therapists.  He has said some new words lately like bird and star, too. 

Because Nathan was a such a good boy at speech therapy I took him to the zoo after our session.

Today, Nathan went to daycare again.  He pushed a little, but his teacher said he is getting better.