Thursday, April 23, 2015


On 4/4/15, I went to Tucson Botanical Gardens, Bach's Cactus Nursery and Arthur Pack Park.  The boys made a cardboard robot.

4/5 was Easter.  Nathan got his Easter baskets from the Easter Bunny.  Nathan did a little Easter Egg hunt in the house.  We went to church.  When we came home we colored eggs.

I went to the Desert Museum on 4/6.

On 4/10 I got to see baby owls for the first time.  They were at an apartment complex at Ina and Mona Lisa.  They were hard to see and photograph, though, because they were high up in a tree.

On 4/11 the boys went to a car show/drag racing.

The boys went to the U of A Spring Fling on 4/12.  I went to see some more baby owls on Oracle Rd in Oracle.  These were in a saguaro and much easier to see and photograph.

On 4/17 I went to the Reid Park Rose Garden and Tucson Botanical Gardens.  That night we all went to see the owls in Oracle.

We went to Torque Fest at the Pima Air & Space Museum on 4/18.  Then we went to the Pima County Fair.

I took Nathan to the Children's Museum on 4/21.  It was great for about 45 minutes until a ton of school groups showed up.  Way too many kids in there.  We ended up leaving after an hour and a half.  Then Nathan and I went to eat lunch at Grimaldi's.

After I picked Nathan up from school on 4/22 we made a quick trip to the Tucson Botanical Gardens.  The flowers I was hoping to see were already closed up for the day, but there seemed to be buds ready to open within the next couple of days.  So we returned there the next day.  Still not many open!  We then went to Tohono Chul Park.  There were a few open, but also a ton of buds getting ready to open within the next couple of days.  We went to lunch at Pita Jungle.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring into Spring

3/25 I went to Bach's cactus Nursery.  Some of the cacti were blooming so I got a few good pictures.

3/26, Connor and Lisa came to visit.  We took them to Phoenix for a few days.  On 3/27 we went to a White Sox vs cubs game at the new Sloan Park.  Cubs won!  The next day Dawn went to Wildlife World Zoo (to see the baby meerkat and baby kangaroos) while the rest of the group went to the another baseball game.  On 3/29, Dawn went to Butterfly Wonderland and Desert Botanical Gardens.  The rest of the group went to the train park and to another baseball game.  We returned back to Tucson that night.  The next day Dawn and Lisa went on a hot air balloon ride.  It was a cool experience.  The only downside is that it went from Marana Airport north toward Picacho Peak.  I think other companies take you closer to downtown Tucson toward Saguaro National Park West and another one goes over by Sabino Canyon.  Dawn would like to check one of those out some time.   The next day Paul, Lisa and Connor went to the Biosphere 2.  Dawn and Nathan went to Tucson Botanical Gardens and Tohono Chul Park.  Nathan took more pictures than Dawn.  A lot of the irises were blooming at Tucson Botanical Gardens and the Flying Saucer cactus flower was blooming at both gardens!  Paul, Lisa and Connor went to Kitt Peak that night.  On April Fool's Day Paul had to go back to work for month end close, Nathan went to school and Dawn took Lisa and Connor to the Desert Museum.  We got to see the new black bear cub. Today Lisa and Connor had to go back home.

This weekend is Easter.  Tonight we are taking Nathan to see the Easter Bunny!