Sunday, January 27, 2013

I can't believe January is almost over!

We decided to pay off the Grand Prix a few months early!  No car payments for awhile!

I went to the Desert Museum on 1/18.  I am hoping that going out that day is not what got me sick the following day.  I ended up with the flu.

Paul had it in his mind that he wanted to get a new dog last weekend.  We looked and looked online.  We came across one that interested in us.  There is a family here in Tucson and they are moving to Canada.  They can not take their dogs with.  I contaced them and Bella, their 4 year old female yellow lab, was still available.  We went to go meet her last Saturday, 1/19.  We found out that they actually had 5 dogs.  2 were going with family, one was going with them because it is 13 years old and the other 2 needed a home.  Yes, 2!  We did not want to separate them so we took them both!  Tulla, is 5 years old.  They think she is a Shar Pei mix.  I think she may even have some Pit Bull in her.  But, she is the sweetest dog.  Bella is a little difficult, but she is a good dog.  She is a big girl and probably needs to lose some weight.  Of course neither one of them has been eating all that much since we have had them.

So Paul had off on Monday and started to feel sick that night.  He ended up staying home from work on Tuesday.  He came home early from work every other day during the week because he still was not feeling well.  When I went to pick Nathan up from school on Wednesday he, too, was not feeling well.  It is now Sunday, 1/27, and we are all still recovering.  We are hoping Nathan is feeling well enough to go back to school tomorrow since he had to miss on Friday.  Of course it is supposed to be rainy and cooler tomorrow so that does not help much.  It rained all day on Saturday.  We stayed in most of the weekend trying to get better.   

Sunday, January 6, 2013

My birthday is officially over

We had a nice Christmas, other than me being sick.  Nathan is one spoiled little boy!  We also got a birthday cake for Jesus.  Since mommy's birthday was shortly after Christmas, we had a lot of birthdays in a row (Nathan, Jesus, Mommy).  So now Nathan thinks it is time for daddy's birthday!

On 12/29 I went to Reid Park Zoo to celebrate Sundzu, the baby elephant's 2nd birthday.  Afterward I stopped at the Tucson Botanical Gardens to take pictures of the butterflies.

New Years Eve we did not much, but Paul and I did stay up until midnight to ring in the new year.  I could list a ton of new year's resolutions, but they are actually all things that I have strived for in the past.  The first and foremost being to eat healthier, exercise more and lose more weight.  I have done well so far doing my bike.  The eating better part not so much yet with my birthday and finishing up holiday treats.  I would love to cook more at home and utilize all of the recipes I have been keeping.  We also plan to scan a bunch of my mother in law's pics and in the process we may finally get to some of ours as well!  The list goes on...

New Years Day we drove to Bisbee so Nathan could play in the snow.  Nathan made a snow angel and we all made a snowman.  Then we ate at a cute pizza place in town where they had the best chocolate canolis!  That evening we went to dinner at Vivace to celebrate my birthday a little early.  The food was very good.

On my birthday, Paul went back to work and Nathan was home with me since his school was still on break.  Not a very exciting birthday...which is why we extended it out and celebrated for several days.

Nathan had his 3 year checkup at the pedi's office on January 3rd.  He weighs 33 1/2 lbs (60%) and is 37 3/4 " tall (50-55%).  She was very pleased with his speech and the rest of his development.  He was well behaved, too!

Yesterday, 1/5, we went to the Wildlife World Zoo.  I really enjoyed myself and took a ton of pictures.  Nathan liked the train ride and boat ride.  Then we went to the Phoenix Zoo that evening for their Zoolights.  It was ok, but too crowded for my taste.  I can say I have experienced it, but I doubt we will go back.  One reason that I wanted to go was to see their light show set to the music of Trans-Siberian Orchestra. 

Today we went to church and then ate lunch at Grimaldi's using my birthday coupon for a free pizza.  My birthday celebration is now over.  I was not so excited about my birthday this year because I am quickly approaching 40 and I felt I had little to show for my life thus far.  However, in the new year I have been trying to keep a positve attitude and I am working hard to be happier.