Wednesday, December 23, 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We took Nathan to see Santa on 11/28.  Nathan asked Santa for a stuffed animal cat, stuffed animal dog, cars (land, water, RC), remote control airplane, freight cars, Scooby Doo legos, portable dvd player, tablet and coloring books.

Nathan had his school holiday recital on 11/30.

I went to the Desert Museum on 12/3 to see the raptor free flight show for the first time since it started back up on 10/1.

Paul and Nathan made a gingerbread train on 12/5.

On 12/6, we went to see the Tucson Botanical Gardens luminarias.  It was our first time going to this event.  Nathan liked seeing the Lego exhibits again and he got to see Santa again.

Nathan had his first field trip to the Ostrich Farm on 12/7.  He did not want me to go, but he said he enjoyed it.  I have never been there so I will have to check it out some time.  That day I went to Reid Park, the Reid Park Rose Garden, the zoo and Tohono Chul Park.

Nathan had his 6th birthday party on 12/12.  It was at Peter Piper Pizza and the theme was Tom & Jerry.  Jade, Jesse, Sachi, Alyssa, Samhita and Eli went to the party.

We went to Winterhaven on 12/13.

Nathan wanted to go to dinner at Grimaldi's Pizzeria for his birthday (12/15).

After Nathan got out of school on Friday, 12/18, we headed toward Sedona.  There was not as much snow there as I hoped and we did not have much time before it started to get dark.  From there we headed to Williams and stayed the night.  The next day we got up and went to Bearizona.  That afternoon it was time to surprise Nathan with the Polar Express ride.  For some reason he threw a fit and said he did not want to go on it.  That was not the response we expected!  He loved the Polar Express movie and we thought this is something he would really enjoy.  Our whole trip was planned around this surprise for him.  He enjoyed it once he was on the train.  The next day we headed for the Grand Canyon.  It was REALLY cold and overcast.  We stayed there overnight at the Bright Angel Lodge.  The next morning was a little warmer and a tad sunnier.  We walked and drove around the south rim before heading back to Tucson that night.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Almost Thanksgiving time

On November 1st we went up to Mt Lemmon to see if we could catch the last of the Fall colors. There was some.  We ate at the Cookie Cabin.  Dawn felt a little sick going up and down the mountain, probably because of the antibiotics she was on at the time.

Paul and Nathan went to the Cops n Rodders show on November 7th.  Then they went to Caleb's birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza.  Caleb is one of Nathan's classmates.

Tulla turned 9 on November 9th.  Her Golden Birthday!

Nathan had off school on Veteran's Day (November 11).  Nathan and I went to Tucson Botanical Gardens so that he could see the Lego Exhibits as well as the one he entered in their contest.  Then we went to the movies to see The Peanuts Movie.  That place was crowded!  But it was a really good movie.

We went to meet Kyle Busch at Hot Rods on November 12th.

We attempted to go to the NASCAR race in Phoenix on November 15th.  It started raining shortly after we got there.  There ended up being a long rain delay.  They raced later that night, but we left before the race started.  We needed to get back home because Paul had work the next day and Nathan had school.

Paul left for Hartford, CT the next day for work.  He was there 11/16-11/20.

Dawn went to the Reid Park Rose Garden on 11/18.

This week will be a short week.  Thanksgiving day we will be going to the Alvirs.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fall is finally here!

I went to the opening of the butterfly exhibit at the Tucson Botanical Gardens on 10/1.

I went to the Reid Park Zoo Safari on 10/3.  Nathan had fall break from 10/5-10/11.  We went to Sedona 10/8-10/11.  There was a little bit of Fall color, but not much.  So then we decided to go up to Flagstaff.  We went to Lockett Meadow for the first time and the aspens were bursting with color.  It was a beautiful hike and the weather was perfect.

Shortly after returning from our trip to Sedona/Flagstaff I got a rash on my upper leg.  It then spread to my arm and other parts of my body.  I went to CVS Minute Clinic and they thought it was a yeast/fungal infection.  The cream they gave me did not work.  So then I went to the dermatologist and they determined that it is a bacterial infection.  The rash is much better, but as I am writing this now it is still not gone.

We had a teacher-parent conference on 10/14.  It went pretty well.  She said she considers him one of the good kids and academically he is doing great.

We went to the U of A red blue basketball game on 10/17.

Paul went to Chicago for work 10/19-10/21.

I went to Reid Park Zoo on 10/20 to see the new baby tapir and the baby flamingo.  Then I went to the Reid Park Rose Garden afterward.

Nathan went to a costume party at school the night of 10/23.

We decided to go to a pumpkin farm closer to home than Apple Annie's.  We tried out the Marana Pumpkin Farm on 10/24.  It was on the warmer side (one of the perks of Apple Annie's is that it is cooler).  There were also too many people for my liking.  We had a good time, but I prefer Apple Annie's.  That night we went to Phoenix to see Garth Brooks.  It was a great concert.  Nathan even enjoyed it until he fell asleep.

I went to Reid Park Zoo on 10/31 to see them feed pumpkins to the animals.  I went to the Reid Park Rose Garden afterward.  Nathan was Scooby Doo for Halloween.  We went trick or treating and then we went back home and handed out candy.  Nathan was excited when a trick or treater came and was also dressed as Scooby Doo.  She looked like she was in high school, but she was excited that her and Nathan were dressed alike.  I also dressed up Tulla like Scooby Doo.  Bella was a lion.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

It's been a long time...

I just realized how long it has been since I last updated my 3 months.

Paul and Nathan went to Chicago from 7/16/15-7/25/15.  I decided to stay home to save us money on airfare and dog boarding.  We intended not to go to Chicago this year so that we could focus on home projects, but I decided that Nathan should go see his family, especially grandma GG.  I also really wanted some time alone to get things done at home without interruption.  While in town, they also went to Paw Paw, MI with aunt Lisa.  I was pretty busy at home.  The one fun thing I did was go to the zoo on 7/20.

Nathan started Kindergarten at Sonoran Science Academy on 8/3.  He has computer class on Mondays and Fridays, PE on Tuesdays and Thursdays and music class on Wednesdays. He is in a Lego Club that meets every Monday after school.  We were not very impressed with the school in the beginning because it seemed like the administration was not prepared for school to start.  It has been an adjustment for Nathan.  He had a few behavioral issues the first couple of weeks.  Then he did great for about 3 weeks.  Two weeks ago he got -5 behavior points.  This past week was even tougher.  Daddy was out of town for work.  Nathan got -7 behavior points on Monday for hitting another student.  He claims he was playing tag, but those who witnessed said otherwise.  He promised me that he would not hit his classmates again, but he did it again the next day.  He was sent to the principal's office and got another -5 behavior points.  He also lied to me and told me that he was good at school so we had to have a talk about lying.  Fortunately, the rest of the week was better. Friday he had a half day.  He did earn a free dress day for having enough positive behavior points for the month of August.  Kindergarten won the Box Top contest, thanks largely to us!  Nathan also has won a future lunch with the principal for selling 15 fundraiser coupon books.  

I went to the Reid Park Rose Garden and Tucson Botanical Gardens on 8/5.

We went to Peach Mania at Apple Annie's in Willcox on 8/8.  We love going there.  We had the peach pancake breakfast.  Later we had peach ice cream and roasted corn.  I bought salsa, fudge, vidalia onion dressing, cheese curds, fresh veggies, etc...  Of course we picked a ton of peaches....we have had many peach shakes since!

I went to Tohono Chul Park pretty much every day from 8/12-8/20 trying to see the starfish cactus.  I saw a bud getting ready to open the first day I went and I was told that it would probably open in a couple of days.  It did not open until a week later!  There were actually 2 open when I went on the 20th, but one was in the back where I really could not get to.  I saw a snake that day, too, so I had to be careful.  It was the first time I saw a starfish cactus in person so I thought it was pretty cool.

I went to the Desert Museum on 8/19.  I got some good pictures of the bighorn sheep.  However, my camera had been having trouble focusing so I finally decided to take it in to get it looked at the next day.  A few weeks later I finally got it back....after spending about $500 to fix it.

We went to Funtasticks on 8/23.  We did bumper boats, miniature golf and go karting.  That was the first time I went go karting and it was really fun.  I won miniature golf because Paul said whoever got a hole in one wins...and that was me!  We went to Cheesecake Factory afterward for lunch.

I went to the Reid Park Rose Garden and Tucson Botanical Gardens on 9/4.

We decided to go up to Phoenix on 9/6.  We went to eat lunch at Maggianos.  It was a great meal...I had chicken piccata.  I went to Butterfly Wonderland while the boys went to the train park.  They also went to the mall and Nathan got a new dog at Buildabear which he named Fluffy.  We went to  Portillos for an early dinner, but we were all too stuffed from lunch to eat.  We just got smoothies there.  Then we went to the Glendale Drive-In.  We had a couple of hours to kill until they opened so we really did not know what to do with ourselves.  Finally we got in and we watched the movie Inside Out.  Nathan and I had seen it at the movie theater, but Paul had not seen it.  It was Nathan's first time at a Drive-In and I think for me as well.  The only issue we had was that we wanted to sit on the ground on a blanket.  You are supposed to get the sound for the movie from your car radio, though.  We don't have a truck or SUV which made that difficult.  We were just listening to the sound from everyone else's vehicles.  Unfortunately, the people next to us decided to keep their car running which drowned out the sound of the movie so it was difficult to hear.

9/9 was National Teddy Bear day.  I got some pictures of Nathan with a couple of his teddy bears and his new Buildabear dog.

I went to see the Lego exhibits at the Tucson Botanical Gardens on 9/14.  We decided to let Nathan enter their Lego contest.  His age group is K-5th grade which makes it a little tough on him.  He built a saguaro with the mountains and sky in the background.

Paul turned 45 on 9/20.  I made him a cake.  We went to church.  He could not decide where to eat for lunch.  We finally ended up at El Charro Cafe downtown.  We were disappointed in our meal, though.

Paul went to Hartford, CT for work 9/21-9/25.  I really do not like when he travels for work because then I have to take care of Nathan by myself.  Nathan had rough days at school the first couple of days, too.

Yesterday, 9/26, Paul and Nathan went to the U of A football game vs UCLA.  I was supposed to go with, but I was not feeling up to it.  I did not miss much because they lost 30-56.

This next week will be the last week of the quarter for Nathan and then he has Fall break.  Even though he has had behavioral issues, he has been doing well academically.  It is a tough curriculum, too.  He has been learning to count, but he can already count past 100.  They are adding and subtracting.  They are learning their phonograms.  We do a lot of computer work at home for IReady that concentrates on reading and math.  Nathan loves doing it because they make it fun like a game. Nathan is learning how to write and read.  Supposedly he is one of the strongest readers in the class according to what he has told me. We have been working with him at home and he is finally getting it.  Now that he knows he can do it if he sounds out the words, he enjoys it.  He especially does well with the BOB books that Ms. Monica from his old school recommended.    

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Summer Heat

Summer is in full swing and it has been hot!

I went to the Desert Museum and Arthur Pack Park on 5/20.

We celebrated Memorial Day by going to our church picnic at Fort Lowell Park on 5/25.  We brought a cake which seemed to go over well.

I went to Tucson Botanical Gardens on 5/29.

I went to Christopher Columbus Park and Sweetwater Wetlands on 6/8.

On 6/12, I went to Lakeside Park in search of a Tern which I never found.  Then I went to Reid Park and the Reid Park Rose Garden.

On 6/13, we went to Phoenix so I could check out the burrowing owlets at Zanjero Park.  We got a little lost so we got there later than planned.  I did get to see them, though, so it was a good experience.  It was too hot to stay that long, though.  Afterward, I went to Butterfly Wonderland while the boys went to the train park.

We took a last minute trip to San Diego from 6/19-6/23.  On 6/19 we started at the Coronado Dog Beach.  We had never been there so that is something I wanted to check out.  I wanted to stay and take pictures for awhile so we let Nathan play in the sand there.  We ended up getting sunburned that day because the sunscreen we used did not seem to work.  We ate dinner at our pizza place there on the island.  Then we went to our hotel in Encinitas (Best Western).  We were disappointed with our hotel because it did not give us the ocean views we were hoping for.  We went to Encinitas Beach to watch the sunset that night.

The next day we went to La Jolla Children's Beach to see the sea lions.  Not many of them were out where we normally view them, but I was able to see them at a different place.  They are still working on the pedestrian viewing area there and it will be open later this year.  After that the boys dropped me off at the San Diego Botanical Gardens and they went to Legoland.  The only reason I did not go with them is because it is so expensive and I have been there before.  That night we ate dinner at Ruby's on Oceanside Pier.

On Father's Day, we went to Old Point Loma Lighthouse and then we ate lunch/dinner at Seaport Village.

On 6/22, I went to the San Diego Zoo and the boys went to Coronado Island to play at the beach.  I enjoyed myself at the zoo, seeing a baby koala, baby orangutan and baby meerkats.  That night we ate dinner at the San Diego Hard Rock Cafe.

Our last day was on 6/23.  I walked around Balboa Park taking pictures of the flowers and the boys went to the San Diego Model Railroad Museum.  Then we headed home :(

Nathan's last day of speech therapy with Mrs. Debi was on 6/29.  She is so nice and did great work with Nathan so it was sad to end.  I just hope the work she did with him is enough to carry him through so he does not have to take up speech therapy again when he is in Kindergarten at Sonoran Science Academy.  I also hope that we keep in touch with Mrs. Debi.  Nathan and I really like her.

Yesterday I surprised Nathan with a mommy and son day.  I took him to the movies to see Inside Out.  He said he liked it.  He was so sweet during the movie, snuggling with me, kissing me and telling me that he loved me.  I guess he was really happy to get out of the house because we have not done much lately, mainly because of the heat.  Afterward, we checked out the new Children's Museum in Oro Valley.  I was disappointed because it was in a strip mall and was pretty small.  It was also geared toward toddlers.  Nathan still had fun, though, and did not want to leave.  Then we went for a late lunch at Pita Jungle.

We also finally got Nathan's new bedroom furniture.  His room is currently Thomas the Train.  I am sure that won't last long because his interests are already shifting.  The room is mostly done, but we are still contemplating doing custom shelving to house his toys and books.  I also need to get some new window treatments and possibly a bedskirt.  Getting him to sleep in his room is still a challenge sometimes, especially because monsoon season has started.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Nathan is a preschool grad!

On 4/24/15, I went back to Tucson Botanical Gardens and Tohono Chul Park.  I ended up getting a membership at Tohono since I knew I would be going there several days in a row to see the cactus flowers that were getting ready to open.  That was the day to be there.  There were a lot of flowers open.  I returned there the next day and there were a lot open that day, too.  Then I went to the Desert Museum and DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun.

Nathan got all 5s at school on 5/4!  He even got a little certificate.

I went to DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun and Bach's Cactus Nursery on 5/6.  I also went to Arthur Pack Park and checked out some trails over there.  The saguaros were pretty since a lot of the flowers were opening.  There was also a jackrabbit.  It saw me before I saw him because he took off running before I could get a pic.  I guess they frequent that area from what I hear.

Nathan and I went to the zoo on 5/7.

We all went to the Desert Museum on 5/9 per my request for an early Mother's Day outing.  It was a pretty good visit.  We got to see Cruz, the new bear, the bighorn sheep lamb, the ocelot, baby prairie dogs, etc...  Not too many flowers blooming, though.  I think most bloomed kind of early this year.  Paul and Nathan gave me 36 roses for Mother's Day and Nathan made me a jewelry holder with a bracelet at school.

On Mother's Day we went to church.  Then we went to check out the Ventana Canyon waterfall.

Yesterday Nathan had another 5* day at school!  He also had his preschool graduation.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


On 4/4/15, I went to Tucson Botanical Gardens, Bach's Cactus Nursery and Arthur Pack Park.  The boys made a cardboard robot.

4/5 was Easter.  Nathan got his Easter baskets from the Easter Bunny.  Nathan did a little Easter Egg hunt in the house.  We went to church.  When we came home we colored eggs.

I went to the Desert Museum on 4/6.

On 4/10 I got to see baby owls for the first time.  They were at an apartment complex at Ina and Mona Lisa.  They were hard to see and photograph, though, because they were high up in a tree.

On 4/11 the boys went to a car show/drag racing.

The boys went to the U of A Spring Fling on 4/12.  I went to see some more baby owls on Oracle Rd in Oracle.  These were in a saguaro and much easier to see and photograph.

On 4/17 I went to the Reid Park Rose Garden and Tucson Botanical Gardens.  That night we all went to see the owls in Oracle.

We went to Torque Fest at the Pima Air & Space Museum on 4/18.  Then we went to the Pima County Fair.

I took Nathan to the Children's Museum on 4/21.  It was great for about 45 minutes until a ton of school groups showed up.  Way too many kids in there.  We ended up leaving after an hour and a half.  Then Nathan and I went to eat lunch at Grimaldi's.

After I picked Nathan up from school on 4/22 we made a quick trip to the Tucson Botanical Gardens.  The flowers I was hoping to see were already closed up for the day, but there seemed to be buds ready to open within the next couple of days.  So we returned there the next day.  Still not many open!  We then went to Tohono Chul Park.  There were a few open, but also a ton of buds getting ready to open within the next couple of days.  We went to lunch at Pita Jungle.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring into Spring

3/25 I went to Bach's cactus Nursery.  Some of the cacti were blooming so I got a few good pictures.

3/26, Connor and Lisa came to visit.  We took them to Phoenix for a few days.  On 3/27 we went to a White Sox vs cubs game at the new Sloan Park.  Cubs won!  The next day Dawn went to Wildlife World Zoo (to see the baby meerkat and baby kangaroos) while the rest of the group went to the another baseball game.  On 3/29, Dawn went to Butterfly Wonderland and Desert Botanical Gardens.  The rest of the group went to the train park and to another baseball game.  We returned back to Tucson that night.  The next day Dawn and Lisa went on a hot air balloon ride.  It was a cool experience.  The only downside is that it went from Marana Airport north toward Picacho Peak.  I think other companies take you closer to downtown Tucson toward Saguaro National Park West and another one goes over by Sabino Canyon.  Dawn would like to check one of those out some time.   The next day Paul, Lisa and Connor went to the Biosphere 2.  Dawn and Nathan went to Tucson Botanical Gardens and Tohono Chul Park.  Nathan took more pictures than Dawn.  A lot of the irises were blooming at Tucson Botanical Gardens and the Flying Saucer cactus flower was blooming at both gardens!  Paul, Lisa and Connor went to Kitt Peak that night.  On April Fool's Day Paul had to go back to work for month end close, Nathan went to school and Dawn took Lisa and Connor to the Desert Museum.  We got to see the new black bear cub. Today Lisa and Connor had to go back home.

This weekend is Easter.  Tonight we are taking Nathan to see the Easter Bunny!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

A great time of the year to be in the desert...

I love this time of the year in Tucson because wildflowers start showing up and cacti start blooming.

3/9/15 I went to Ajo Highway near Sandario to see the poppies by the pipeline.  The poppies were not really open that early so I went on to the Desert Museum.  I went back later in the day to see the poppies on Ajo Highway and was surprised to see a huge jackrabbit.  The thing looked as big as a deer.  I did get a few pictures, but I did not have my telephoto lens with me at the time.

I took Nathan to the Children's Museum the next day.  He loves going there...until it starts to get crowded.  He is so good there.  He shares with the other kids and helps out those who are younger than him.

3/14-3/17 we went up to Phoenix.  On 3/14, we went to an Angels vs White Sox spring training game at the Angels stadium.  White Sox ended up winning.  The next day we went to the NASCAR race.  This time we had pit passes.  We got to go in the winner's circle and we signed the finished line.  I got close to the stage and took pictures of the drivers as they were introduced.  Blake Shelton walked by, but I only saw the back of him!  Kevin Harvick won again!  3/16 We went to the Reds vs Giants game.  The Reds won.  We split up on St Patty's Day.  I went to the Botanical Gardens and the zoo.  The Botanical Gardens were disappointing because not many cacti were blooming yet.  The boys went to the train park in Scottsdale and an auto museum.  Then they went to the Angels vs Rockies spring training game at Talking Stick.

I cooked the corned beef and cabbage the next day.  Nobody really cares for it, but me.  But once a year I want to eat my traditional St Patty's meal.

Today the boys went to the 4th Avenue Fair and I went to the Tucson Botanical Gardens.  The gardens were crowded since it is a Saturday, but I was excited to see the iris garden starting to bloom.  Some of the cacti were starting to bloom as well.  

Monday, March 2, 2015

Spring is here!

We went to the Sonoran Science Academy open house on 2/19/15.  I was rather disappointed.  The school does not look nearly as nice as a Casas.  The classrooms look cluttered.  I am hoping that Nathan will get a good education there, though.

Paul took Nathan to the NHRA races in Phoenix on 2/20.

Nathan went to Marley's birthday party on 2/21.  It was also at Heart & Soul and once again he was the only boy.  He had fun, though.

We went to Picacho Peak after church on 2/22.  Good rains brought out the poppies a little early. This is the first year we finally got the chance to see them there.  It was a cloudy day.

I went back to Picacho Peak on 2/25 to take more pictures of the poppies.  I went right after I took Nathan to school, but I had to wait for the poppies to open.  Then the sun was playing games with me that day because it was causing glare in my pictures.  I think it would have been better to wait until the afternoon to take pictures there.  After I picked Nathan up from school I took him to Arthur Pack Park.  While he played, I took pictures of the round tailed ground squirrels.  They did not seem as plentiful as last year, but there were several running around.

Nathan was supposed to be off school on 2/27 for Rodeo Days.  He really wanted to go to school that day so I paid extra to have him go.  I went to Tucson Botanical Gardens to photograph the butterflies and flowers.  Then I checked out the Japanese Gardens.  I was disappointed.  It was small and there were not many flowers.  They had koi, but no water lilies or lotuses.  They said those bloom in winter between Oct-Dec, but I think they said they do not plant water lilies, only 1 or 2 lotuses.  From there I went to Tohono Chul Park.  I was going to eat lunch there and check out the flowers.  As soon as I got there I got a call from Nathan's school.  They asked me to come pick him up early because he was misbehaving.  He threw sand on Peyton's head and threw pebbles at Aubrey.  When he was in thinking time, he threw pebbles at another child AND a teacher.  He has been in trouble for throwing sand and rocks before so he knows better.

We went to Monster Jam on 2/28.  We went mainly to see Scooby Doo.  There were a couple of other new ones there, too.  Nathan likes El Diablo and Zombie.  Zombie had an automated "mouth".  We bought the pit passes so we were able to meet the drivers and take pictures.  Unfortunately, a lot of my pictures got blurred again.  One of these days I will learn how to take pictures at that show!  We are considering going to the world finals in Vegas.  We can't go this year because it is the end of March and Lisa will be visiting us.  We may plan for next year.

Yesterday, 3/1, we decided to go to the Renaissance Festival at the last minute.  We had a fund time.  We rode the elephant and camel.  Nathan also got to ride the llama.  I did not realize until the ride home that most of my pictures came out really bright because I had my ISO turned up the day before at Monster Jam.  We did get to see some wildflowers during the drive, too.

Love is in the air

Nathan had his 5 year old pediatrician appointment on 1/13/15.  He was 44" tall and 41.5 lbs.

I took Nathan to the Children's Museum on 1/15 and then I took pictures of him at La Placita.  He was not that excited at first, but by the end he was having fun and posing for him.

Nathan and I went to the Desert Museum on 1/20.  Finally got to see the free flight show for the first time of the season.

I went to Reid Park Zoo and Tucson Botanical Gardens on 2/2.

Nathan went to his friend Eirene's birthday party on 2/7.  It was at heart and soul.  He was the only boy there, but he had fun.

The next day we went to Whitewater Draw to see the sandhill cranes.  They say about 30,000 sandhill cranes fly into the area every day during this time of year.  Afterward, we ate lunch in Tombstone.

Bella turned 7 on 2/11.

Nathan actually wanted me to take Valentine's pictures of him on 2/12.  Then he wanted to take pictures of me.  It was cute because he tried to stabilize his camera on a chair just like I was doing when I was taking pictures of him.

On Valentine's Day, we ate lunch at Grimaldi's.  They had awesome samoas cheesecake.  Then we went to the gem and mineral show.  Nathan opened a geode and got amethyst.  I was not finding much until the end.  Paul ended up buying me opal heart earrings and a matching necklace.  We went to dinner at Athens on 4th.

We went to Lodge on the Desert for dinner on 2/15 per my request.  We went to celebrate our anniversary early.  We went there last year for our anniversary, too.  I was hoping to get the roasted chicken this time, but they were out.  I was disappointed about that.  I also really wanted the creamy garlic soup that I had last time, but this time the soup of the day was cream of cauliflower.  It was alright, but not nearly as good as the creamy garlic.  My ribeye was good, but the meal was expensive and we were not that impressed this time.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

It's a new year...

We had a nice Christmas, but I was sick.  Nathan of course made out like a bandit.  He got all kinds of new toys and gifts.  I got Paul a gift card for Jason's Deli and IHOP.  I also got him an Angels jersey, a Noah's Ark tie, Escape, Drakkar, ho hos, etc...

We went to the Manheim Steamroller concert at U of A on 12/27.  I was a little disappointed in it. They played some songs that I did not even know and they had some strange things going on on the screen behind them.  I love their Christmas music, though.

New Year's Eve was spent at home.  We were all in bed before midnight!

We woke up to snow in Tucson on New Year's Day!  We did not have snow in our area, but there was snow in the valley.  We decided to go take a hike by Pima Canyon Trail.  It was just beautiful and I got some great pictures.  We also drove by Gates Pass and some of Saguaro National Park.  Oro Valley got a great dusting of snow.

My 40th birthday was on 1/2.  I am not really happy about turning 40.  I feel so old.  I wish I had more to show for my life, too.  But it is what it is.  I spent the day with my son since he was off for school for 2 weeks.  He was so sweet to me.  He sang happy birthday to me like 4 times.  Paul got me a tres leches birthday cake. We went to Olive Garden for dinner.

On 1/3, we went to Phoenix Zoo and then we went ice skating downtown Phoenix.  None of us know how to ice skate, but we had a good time.  They have a nice set up there.  My feet were hurting too much for me to get the hang of skating.  Nathan kept falling, but he tried and he did not cry.  We ate dinner down there at Copper Blues.

My aunt D.J. died on 1/6.  She had been sick for awhile so we knew it was coming.  She got an infection and they had to take her off dialysis and her ventilator.  She agreed to a DNR.  I think the family is handling it well.  They had an extra year with her that they did not think they would have. Unfortunately, we had not seen her for at least a couple of years.  She was a great aunt to me and I was close to her growing up.  I will miss her.  Her funeral was on Friday, 1/9.  Unfortunately, we were not able to go.  It would have been too expensive to fly there and too complicated with Nathan.

I went to Reid Park Zoo and the Tucson Botanical Gardens on 1/7.