Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The holidays are here!

So Nathan decided that he wanted to go trick or treating this year.  Last year he was too scared.  So we took him around to a few houses and then he helped us hand out candy at home.

On November 1, I took Nathan to see the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile that was in town.

On November 2, I went to a photo safari at Reid Park Zoo.  I have been disappointed with the last few I have been to because they just aren't as good as they used to be.  Plus, we are seeing some of the same animals over and over again so it is getting a little boring.  Not sure if I will do any more in the future.  I went to Tucson Botanical Gardens to see the butterflies after the zoo.  I am also disappointed with it so far this year.  There just does not seem to be as many butterflies as there used to be in prior years.  However, they have added dart frogs which is a nice addition.  While I went to the zoo and the gardens, Paul and Nathan went to a car show, Cops and Rodders.

November 8th we saw an owl on the roof of our neighbor's house.  I love seeing these animals in the wild. Just like I like to hear the coyotes howling when we open our windows at night this time of year.

November 9th was Tulla's 7th birthday!  Paul and Nathan took her to PetsMart to get the spa treatment: nails trimmed, ears cleaned and teeth brushed.  They also took Bella to Banfield to get her nails trimmed, too.

November 10th we went to Phoenix for the NASCAR race.  Nathan wanted the Danica Patrick car so we bought him one of those.  He wanted her to win that day.  Kevin Harvick #29 won again.  He had won the race we went to last year in Phoenix.  Earlier this year, we were there to see Carl Edwards #99 win.  This time he was winning, but he ran out of gas near the end of the race!

Yesterday, 11/12, I took Nathan to the movies.  This is the second time he has been to the movie theatre. We went to see Planes the first time and he loved it.  This time we went to see Free Birds and he did not like it.  He kept telling me that he wanted to go home and that he was tired.  I made him stay until the end, but I admit it was not the greatest movie.  Planes was much better and more up his alley.  I tried!

I found out that I won honorable mention in the Jones Photo red competition for my picture of a red cactus flower with a small butterfly in the middle.