Friday, August 16, 2013

It's Friday!

Nathan ended up getting another red card on 8/7/13.  However, he ended the week with a green card!

For being good at school on Friday, we told Nathan that we would take him to the water park on Saturday. Unfortunately, as I was getting ready to go, I fainted.  I hit my nose and head.  My glasses got scratched up on the frames, too.  Paul let Nathan play in his little pool instead.

On Monday, 8/12, Nathan had another rough day at school.  He ended the day with a red card.  I found out that it is because he and another boy would not pick up their toys.  We have the same problem at home.  I got so tired of yelling at him about it and taking them away so now I have found that by helping him he will pick some of them up.

On Tuesday, 8/13, I took Nathan to the movies for the first time.  We went to see Disney Planes.  He loved the movie Cars so much so I was pretty sure he would like Planes, too.  I was nervous because I was not sure he would sit still for that long.  He did great!  We did not have to pay for anything because I had gift cards and we even got popcorn.  There were like a million previews so both of us were getting impatient with them.  There are a couple of good movies coming out soon, though.  The movie itself was kind of loud, but Nathan did well.  He sat in his seat the whole time and seemed to enjoy the movie.  I was so pleased with his behavior so I bought him Planes shoes and a Planes toy that day.  We also went over to Pappoules and had lunch together.  A nice mommy son day!

On Wednesday, 8/14, Nathan had a better day at school.  I think he had a couple of issues in the morning so he may have got a red card, but he ended the day with a green card!  I was surprised when I picked him up, though, because his teacher said we needed to work on his colors and shapes.  I said he knows his colors and shapes pretty well.  She said he would not point them out to her when she asked him to do so.  So we did it really quick before we left and he was able to point them all out correctly to her.  That boy needs to show off his smarts to his teacher more!

That evening Paul got home a little early and said that he needed to go to urgent care because he thought he had an ear infection.  We went over to CVS minute clinic just before 6, but they were not taking any more patients for the day.  Then we went over to Northwest Urgent Care.  We were there until after 8!  They flushed out his one ear that had a lot of buildup and then gave him a prescription for the infection.  By the time we got the prescription and got home it was like 9:30...way past Nathan's bed time!  They also tested Paul's blood at urgent care since they said he was a diabetic.  It was like 165.  I was surprised it was so high given we had not eaten dinner yet.  I think it is because he had a lot of bread at lunch since he took Nathan's leftover french dip sandwich from dinner the night before.  I was in the process of making strawberry spinach salad for dinner that night, but we did not get a chance to eat it so we ate at Sonic while we were waiting for Paul's prescription to be ready.  He ended up taking the salad to lunch the next day.

Thursday, 8/15, Nathan and I stayed home.  I thought he could use the rest since he got to bed so late the night before.  He still got up at his regular time and his nap that day was a couple of hours which is about normal.  Thus, I think he still needs more sleep!

So now it is finally Friday.  I hope that Nathan has another good day at school.  Mommy has a busy day of cleaning.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Nathan is in his new class now

On 7/3/13 we took Bella and Tulla to the vet for the 6 month appointment.  There was some kind of mix up, though, because the wrong vet gave them their exams.  We are supposed to see Dr Wilson, but for some reason Dr Tucker checked them out.  I really like Dr Wilson, but I do not care for Dr Tucker that much. Bella lost about 6 lbs and is only about 3 lbs from her goal.  The challenging part is that we can not really take her for walks because she may attack other dogs.  The vet suggested swimming, but that is not something we can do all of the time, especially during the year when the water is not warm enough.  Tulla also lost weight and is at her ideal weight now.  The vet made a big deal about Tull'a leg and said that she has very limited movement with it.  Obviously!  She was hit by a car and broke it.  We think she gets around pretty good actually.  She runs up and down the stairs.  Sometimes she limps a little, but usually only if she has been laying down for awhile.  The vet gave me the OK to take her for walks (I was concerned because I did not want to overdo her leg) so I think the exercise will do her some good.  Of course they suggested a different (expensive) food, doing physical therapy for her, talking to a surgeon and possibly amputation.  I think all of this is premature and the expense related to all of this is just not warranted at this time.  I want to try the walking and see how that goes, but it will be much easier when the weather cools down.  The other issue is that Tulla keeps itching a lot.  They said it could be a food allergy (one more reason to switch to their expensive food), a seasonal thing or something like that.  They said to try Benadryl.  I still need to buy some.

Nathan started school on 8/5.  Unfortunately, he did not have a very good first day.  They have a red card green card system.  A red card means they misbehaved.  He got a red card then got his green card back and then got another red card.  He was the only kid in class to get a red card that day.  He was also one of the only boys in the class that day.  I think there may have been one other boy, but there were a lot of girls.  I am not sure if that is affecting his behavior.  Hopefully, it was just because it was his first day and everything was new.  Today is his second day.  There are supposed to be 13 kids there today!  I like it when the class is smaller so I hope it goes well with that many kids.  There are supposed to be a few more boys there today, but still a lot of girls.

Yesterday I took Nathan to the Childrens Museum.  Our dentist gave us a card for free admission so we were able to use that.  Nathan had fun.  Then we went out to lunch with daddy.