Thursday, March 22, 2012

Our weekend in Phoenix

So, we went to the Phoenix Zoo and the Desert Botanical Gardens on Saturday.

On Sunday, we attempted to go to the Cubs/White Sox spring training game.  We went in, bought a program and some shirts and then walked around the park for awhile.  We quickly realized that it was too cold, windy and rainy to stay.  The game went on, but we did not want to risk getting sick, especially Nathan.

This week is spring break at Nathan's school.  Paul took the day off on Tuesday to help out at home with Nathan.  Wednsday he had another speech therapy session.  She noticed that he says words more when you ask him a question and give him two answers to choose from, the correct answer being the last option.  She was impressed with his improvement over the last week.  She was surprised just how much he knows and recognizes by seeing pictures.  If only his speech would catch up to the rest of his development...he would knock them dead!  We usually meet with the speech therapist once a week, but we are taking a break next week because she has something going on.  So I hope he makes a lot of headway in the next couple of weeks before his next session.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Time for the weekend

Nathan passed his hearing test on 3/8 with flying colors.  They said he was very cooperative for a child his age. 

Friday, 3/9, Nathan had to stay home from daycare because his diarrhea still had not gone away.  We stayed home on Saturday to monitor him and worked on getting him better.  He was doing well enough that we decided to go to the Arizona Renaissance Festival on Sunday, 3/11.  We had a good time, but it was expensive.  We probably won't go back, but at least we can say we have been there now.  We rode the elephants and the camels and they had a small petting zoo area. 

On Wednesday, 3/14, I took Nathan to the zoo. 

Later that evening we drove up to Casa Grande because I found a point and shoot camera I wanted that was on sale at Best Buy.  The closest store it was available at, though was in Casa Grande.  I had dropped my Nikon Coolpix the day we went to the Renaissance Festival and it messed up the viewing screen.  Unfortunately, the warranty I had on it did not cover accidents.  So now I have a Canon powershot SX230 HS.  I tested it out today to get a picture of Nathan in his St Patty's Day shirt.

One of the new words Nathan picked up this week is Stinky, as in stinky diaper!  Pretty good word since it is two syllables!

Tonight we are going to pick up my ring which is FINALLY ready.  It took them forever to finish which we are not too happy about.  I hope it looks nice at least.   

Tomorrow we are getting ready to go up to Phoenix.  I am going to the Desert Botanical Gardens and then I am going to meet Paul and Nathan at the Phoenix Zoo.  We are supposed to go to a spring training game on Sunday between the Sox and Cubs.  Unfortunately, there is an 80% chance of rain that day so it may be cancelled.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Time flies!

On 2/25, we ordered a ring to go with the gem Paul bought me at the Tucson Gem & Mineral show.  It ended up being pretty expensive so I hope it turns out nice.  It should be ready any day now.

That same day we took Nathan to the Pima Air & Space Museum.  This was our second time going there.  Nathan still loved it. 

On 2/29, I took Nathan to the zoo...again!  We got to see Snow, our new polar bear.

On 3/1, we had someone come out to fix our pool.  We had bought all new equipment last year, but it still was not working properly.  We turned it off for the winter and even considered filling it in.  We looked for a reputable pool company to come out here and look at it (unlike 3 other pool companies we worked with in the past).  This pool guy figured out the problem.  One of the few things we did not replace prior needed to be replaced.  It was an expensive part, but it seems to have done the trick.  The pool cleaned up really nice.  There are still a few algae spots so we are hoping we can get them cleared up without having to drain the pool and getting it professionally cleaned.  We also had a problem with the auto fill, but that was a cheap part to replace.  We are thinking about trying swim lessons with Nathan again.  If we ever get this pool working in top shape again we need to use it!

on 3/3, Paul and Nathan went to a Nascar race in Phoenix.  Nathan loves the movie Cars so he was in his glory.  They got there early and did a lot of the pre-race stuff.  They actually left when the race started because Nathan was getting tired and it was really loud.  They bought ear muffs, but Nathan did not understand them and would not keep them on his head.

That day I went to the Tucson Botanical Gardens and the Desert Museum.  I am trying to photograph spring flowers in Tucson this year.  I would like to go to a couple of other places and capture the wildflowers. 

Tonight Nathan undressed himself to get ready for bed!

Nathan has speech therapy tomorrow.  He is actually starting to talk more and more.  He is not putting words together yet, but he is adding words to his vocabulary almost on a daily basis.

I am taking Nathan to the pediatrician after his speech therapy tomorrow.  He has had diarrhea for two weeks now.

Thursday Nathan has a hearing test at the hospital.  They want to make sure there is nothing wrong with his hearing that could be causing his speech delay.  He had a hearing test right after he was born and the speech therapist did one in our home recently and he passed both.  This one is a little more involved, but I don't think they will find anything wrong. 

This weekend we may got the Renaissance Festival up near Phoenix. 

I have been going through Nathan's old clothes and getting rid of some more of his baby items.  It is so hard to part with his baby stuff.  The clothes, in particular, are so cute and looked so cute on him!