Monday, December 22, 2014

Almost Christmas!

On Thanksgiving we went to dinner at the Alvirs.  They are kind enough to cook for us every year.

We took Nathan to see Santa at Foothills Mall on 11/29.

We went to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra perform in Phoenix on 11/30.  Paul and Nathan did not enjoy it much, but I did.

Paul and Nathan went to the Sonic Rush Tour to see Mater on 12/6.

Paul had to go to Chicago for work 12/8-12/10.  Of course whenever he leaves town something goes wrong here.  I tried to take Nathan to Zoo Lights on 12/10.  I fainted when we were standing in line. Luckily, there was a police officer there with his family.  He helped me and offered to wheel me around the zoo with his family so Nathan could still see the lights.

On 12/13, Paul went to the U of A vs Michigan basketball game.  He could not get three seats together so he went by himself.  U of A won.

The net day was Nathan's birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza.  Only 4 kids came from class...all girls. Emily, Eirene, Jade and Sadie.  I think they all had fun, though.  The theme was Disney Planes Fire & Rescue.

Nathan had school on his birthday, 12/15.  I brought cupcakes for his class.  That night he wanted to go to Oregano's for dinner.

The next day was his Christmas program at school.  "Look at all of the decorations!".

Nathan's Christmas party at school was on 12/17.  I went to help out.  The class made gingerbread houses.  I had never made a gingerbread house before so the one I helped Nathan make did not turn out that well.

We went on a mule/donkey hayride by River Rd to see Christmas lights on 12/19.

We went to play in the snow on Mt Lemmon on 12/20.  That was the first time we ever went up there when there was snow.  That night we went to see the Christmas lights in Winterhaven.  They had some pretty cool houses this year: A Christmas Vacation House, a Polar Express train that blew smoke, a fountain display, A Disney Frozen display with a snow machine, etc....

We went to Sabino Canyon to see the last of the Fall colors on 12/21.