Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Easter is coming!

Wow, I can not believe how long it has been since I updated our blog.  Time really has been flying.

On 1/24 I got FITTED for my crown.

On 1/31, I went to Reid Park Zoo and Reid Park.

I went to the Desert Museum, Columbus Park and Sweetwater Wetlands on 2/3.

We played basketball and wiffle ball on 2/5 at the park.  Nathan did pretty good at wiffle ball.

On 2/9, I got my crown put on.  The whole process of getting a root canal and crown was long and miserable.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I was told that I would need a root canal.  .

I went to Tucson Botanical Gardens on 2/10.

Bella turned 9 on 2/11.

We went and played basketball and wiffle ball again on 2/12.

Paul and Nathan went to see Lego Batman on 2/18.

I went to Tohono Chul Park on 2/20.

Nathan had off 2/23 & 2/24 for Rodeo Days so we went up to Phoenix.  We went to the peach blossom festival at Schnepf Farms.  It was our first time visiting this farm.  There weren't many peach blossoms, though.  They decided to extend the festival because of this.  It was still an enjoyable day, though.  I loved the salad that I got there for lunch, made from fresh vegetables at their farm.  We went to the Scottsdale Civic Center on 2/24 and then to a Giant's vs Reds game on 2/24.  The Giants ended up winning.  The next day I went to Butterfly Wonderland while the boys went to the railroad park and then we went to see the Cubs vs Athletics.  I got to see the World Series trophy!  Cubs won, too!  Our last day in Phoenix we went to a White Sox vs. Rockies game.  The Sox won.

3/2 was Dr Seuss Day.  Nathan loves the Dr Seuss books.  His favorite is Green Eggs & Ham.

I went to see the poppies at Picacho Peak on 3/6, but was disappointed because there weren't very many.

I went to Reid Park Zoo, the rose garden and Tucson Botanical Gardens on 3/7.  I finally got to see the new meerkats at the zoo!

I went to Tohono Chul Park on 3/8.

I convinced Paul to take me to Peridot Mesa on 3/11 to see the poppies.  It was beautiful!  I think I got even better pictures than the previous year.  That place puts Picacho Peak to shame.  We saw a lot of wildflowers on the way back, too.

Paul went to Hartford, CT for work 3/12-3/15.    

I went to Tohono Chul Park on St Patty's Day.

Nathan had spring break from 3/18-3/26.  Paul and Nathan went to NASCAR in Phoenix on 3/19.  We left for Vegas on 3/22.  We first took a picture by the welcome sign when we got in town.  Then we went to the Harley store.  We ate dinner at Hard Rock Cafe and then went to M&M World and the Hershey Store.  That night we stayed at the Travelodge.  The next day we did the Eiffel Tower Experience.  Then we went to the Flamingo to see the flamingos.  We ate lunch at Margaritaville. Then we took a gondola ride at the Venetian.  From there we went to the Mirage to go to the Secret Garden of Siegried & Roy.  Then we went to Caesars Palace.  We ate dinner in there at the Cheesecake Factory.  Then we went to the Bellagio to see the garden inside.  We went and checked into our hotel, the Stratosphere and then went up to the observation deck.  The next day we went to Counts Kustoms.  Paul was excited to go there, but I thought it was rather odd.  We went to the Monster Jam World Finals after that.  First we got to see all of the trucks and meet some of the drivers.  I was most excited to see the new truck, Wonder Woman!  It was a long day.  We got through the pit party pretty fast and then had to wait for the evening event.  The evening event was the racing event. Son-Uva Digger ended up winning.  They had a really cool finale where all of the trucks came out at the same time. On 3/25, we got a monorail pass and went to the other end of the strip to the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay.  We ate lunch at House of Blues.  We also got to meet and take a picture with Pete Rose.  Paul was excited about that.  We went inside the Luxor.  Then we made are way down back to the Mirage to get our pictures taken with a dolphin.  Nathan slipped when he was by the dolphin so that scared him and he did not enjoy the experience as much as we did.  We ate dinner that night at Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill inside Harrah's.  I have to admit the tortilla soup was really good.  That night we saw the volcano erupt at the Mirage before heading back to the Stratosphere.  We started heading back to Tucson on 3/26.  We stopped at Lake Mead National Recreation Area and went to the marina store as well as the beach area.  We saw a lot of ladybugs!  From there we stopped in Peach Springs, AZ.  Route 66 was lined with peach trees, but that is about all they had there.  We did eat lunch there at the only place we could find.  Then we went to Seligman, AZ.  They had more Disney Cars related stuff there and we had dessert at the Roadkill Cafe.

I went to Tohono Chul Park and Tucson Botanical Gardens on 3/28.

On 3/30, I went to Bach's Cactus Nursery, Tohono Chul Park, Tucson Botanical Gardens and Pima Prickly Park.

I went back to Tohono Chul Park on 3/31.

On 4/3, I went to Bach's Cactus Nursery, Tohono Chul Park, Tucson Botanical Gardens and the Reid Park Rose Garden.

The next day I went to Bach's Cactus Nursery and Arthur Pack Park.  I am really disappointed because I hardly see any round tailed ground squirrels at Arthur Pack Park anymore.  Nathan also started his Lego Club at school on 4/4.  He will meet for Lego Club every Tuesday until the end of the school year.

On 4/5, I went to Northwest RV & Self Storage.  They had one Argentine Giant open.  Then I went to Bach's Cactus Nursery, Tucson Botanical Gardens and the Reid Park Rose Garden.

Nathan had his Honors assembly on 4/6.  He made honor roll for the 3rd quarter.  He did not make high honors or the Principal's Award this quarter, though.  He was very close.  If he does really well the last quarter he may be able to make high honors and the Principal's Award again.

The next day I went to Tohono Chul Park, Tucson Botanical Gardens and Pima Prickly Park.

Nathan participated in a paper airplane contest at the Pima Air & Space Museum on 4/8.  He made it to the 3rd round and the top 12!

We went to see the Easter Bunny on 4/9.

Yesterday I went to Bach's Cactus Nursery, Tohono Chul Park, Tucson Botanical Gardens and DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun.  DeGrazia sill does not have many cactus flowers blooming.  All of the cactus flowers seemed to have started blooming a couple of weeks late this year compared to last year.

Tonight we will be having the Lord's Supper at church.  Tomorrow will be "Good Friday" which is actually on Wednesday.  3 days and 3 nights means Jesus died on Wednesday and rose on Saturday night because they found the tomb empty on Easter Sunday.  This Easter we don't have any big plans.