Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Welcome to 1st Grade!

On 6/21/16 when we arrived in Chicago we went to Navy Pier before going to the Cubs vs Cardinals game.  Unfortunately, Cubs lost :(  Nathan also got to tour the firehouse after the game.  The next day we went to the Chicago Botanic Gardens.  It was the first time going there and it was beautiful, especially the water lilies.  On 6/23, we went to Brookfield Zoo with Aunt Lisa.  We ate dinner at Ledo's and then went to Shane's baseball game.  We saw Grandma Ariel on 6/24 and had dinner with Uncle Donnie and Austin.  Nathan and Grandpa Fred went to Lowe's on 6/25 for an Ironman workshop. That night we visited with the McCabe/Doyles.   The next day we went to church at Faith Baptist and met Debbie Madl at Stir Crazy for lunch.  We got to meet her twins and then see her "new" house.  That night we crashed Lynda Ganzer's birthday party.  Our last day in town we went to Olive Garden with Tracy and Sharon Simpson.

Nathan started his new FLIGHT classes at Casas on 6/29.  He had Soccer, Old Fashioned Fun, Clay Play and Baking Buddies.

I went to Tohono Chul Park on 7/1.

Nathan and I went to see Finding Dory on 7/8.

Nathan and dad went to another Lowe's class on 7/9 to make Falcon.

Nathan started his 3rd FLIGHT classes at Casas on 7/11.  They were Math Attack, Around the World, Aviation Station and Crazy for Crafts.

We all went to see Secret Life of Pets on 7/12.  Nathan liked it, but mom and dad did not care for it.

We went to Peach Mania at Apple Annie's on 7/16.  We also picked apples and other veggies.

Nathan and dad went to Lowe's on 7/23 to make Thor.

Nathan lost his 2nd tooth on 7/29.  He got another certificate, a Star Wars toothbrush and $2.

Paul and Nathan went to see Ice Age on 7/31.  Nathan liked it, but dad did not.

Nathan started 1st grade at Leman Academy on 8/3.  His teacher is Mrs. Howayeck.  His class has about 5 boys and 25 girls.  There are 5 1st grade classes!  This school just opened last year and this year doubled its enrollment.  Right now it goes up to 7th grade.  Next year they plan to go to 8th year. The long term plan is to go up to 12th grade, but they said there is a lot of red tape that they have to go through to make that happen.  We like that this school has a Christian background, but it is a free charter school.  Nathan was disappointed the first week because he was not learning much.  I told him that they were all getting to know each other and that he would start learning more soon.  It was a bit of a rough start for him, but I think it is getting better.  Last Wednesday, 8/17, I got a call from the school, though.  He had a cyst on his head that was oozing.  They wanted me to pick him up and get a doctor's note before he could return to school.  So we went to the doctor.  He had like 4 of them on his head about a month ago and she thought it was a bacterial infection.  She still thinks that is what it is so we started another round of antibiotics.  She tried to do a culture on it, but did not have enough sample to test.  She thinks shaving his head could be the problem.  Nathan returned to school the next day.

I went to Tohono Chul Park, Degrazia Gallery in the Sun, Tucson Botanical Gardens and Pima Prickly Park on 8/5.  I was able to see a lot of summer flowers.

Nathan built a skateboard pencil holder at Home Depot on 8/6.

I went to Bach's cactus nursery on 8/8.

I went to Reid Park Rose Garden and Reid Park Zoo on 8/11.

Nathan made Black Widow at Lowe's on 8/13.

I went back to DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun on 8/18.

Nathan had his school pictures already on 8/22.