Thursday, November 17, 2016

Happy Holidays!

I went to the Reid Park Rose Garden and the zoo on 11/2.

I went back to the Reid Park Rose Garden and to the Tucson Botanical Gardens on 11/8.

On 11/9,  Tulla turned 10!  She is doing really good for her age, especially since she broke her leg as a pup and has a pin in it.

We went to Phoenix for Veteran's Day and the weekend.  On Veteran's Day, 11/11, we went to the Phoenix Zoo.  The next day we met and autographs from Kevin Harvick.  Afterward, we went to the Wildlife World Zoo.  The next day, 11/13, we went to the NASCAR race.  Kevin Harvick came in 4th place.  #22 won the race.  I think that may be the last race I go to.  It was not bad when we first started going because it was a new experience.  Now it is starting to get old.  It is a lot of walking, I don't like crowds and it is a long day.  I did not feel good at all on the way home.

We normally spend Thanksgiving with the Alvirs, but they moved to the Phoenix area.  This year it will just be the 3 of us, but the day after Thanksgiving we will be headed to Sedona/Flagstaff.  We are staying in Sedona, but we are taking Nathan to the Flagstaff North Pole Experience as a surprise.  We may also do Bearizona while we are in town.

Also in November the Cubs won the World Series!  Woo hoo!  I am happy, but the boys are not.  Daddy has brainwashed Nathan into not liking the Cubs.