Sunday, November 23, 2014

San Diego

So we just got back from our San Diego Trip.

11/15 We got there in the late afternoon and we all spent the evening on Coronado Island.

11/16  We went to Children's Beach in La Jolla, went to the San Diego Botanical Gardens and went to Oceanside Pier.

11/17 My mom and I went to San Diego Zoo while the boys went to the museums (air and space, auto, natural history).  That evening we went to Seaport Village.

11/18 I took pictures of the flowers in Balboa Park while the rest of the gang went to the Miniature Railroad Museum.  Then we went over to Coronado.  Paul and Nathan played on the beach while my parents and I ate lunch at Hotel Del Coronado.  Then we drove to see the Point Loma Lighthouse before it closed.

11/19  The boys went to the USS Midway Museum while my mom and I went to Seaport Village.  Then we took a harbor cruise.  We ate dinner at Kansas City BBQ where they shot scenes from Top Gun.

11/20 was my mom's 60th birthday.  We took my parents to LA.  We first stopped in Hollywood.  Then we drove to Rodeo Drive.  We ate dinner on Santa Monica Pier.

11/21 We let Nathan play at the beach on Coronado before we headed home.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The holidays are here!

9/29/14 I went to Reid Park Zoo.

10/1/14 I went to Tohono Chul Park and Tucson Botanical Gardens.  It was the first day of the butterfly exhibit at the gardens.

10//2/14 I took Nathan to the Children's Museum.

10/4/14 we took Nathan to Arthur Pack Park.  This was the first time I got to see him ride his big boy bike.

10/10/14 Nathan took his school pics.  Very disappointed in them.  I did end up ordering some, though.

10/11/14 I did a Worldwide Photo Walk at the Desert Museum.  That evening we went to a U of A football game vs USC.  We lost :(

10/12/14 we went to Apple Annie's to pick our pumpkins.

10/18/14  Got food poisoning.  I think it was from Athens the night before.  Paul brought me home food.  Soup, salad and potatoes.  It was either that or one of the tomatoes I ate earlier in the day.  I saw some of them were starting to mold.

10/21/14 I took Nathan up to Mt Lemmon to see Fall colors.  Unfortunately, the ski lift and restaurant were closed and I could not find the Bear Wallow trail that supposedly had a lot of Fall colors.

10/22/14 Nathan had a party at school.  The kids were to dress up as religious characters or nursery rhyme characters.  Paul ended up making him a shepherd costume.

10/23/14 Nathan and I went to Reid Park Zoo.  We got to see the new baby flamingo!  Tucson News Now shared one of my Mt Lemmon pictures on their Facebook page!

10/24/14 Matt Brode from News 4 shared one of my Mt Lemmon pictures on his Facebook page!

10/25/14 We all went back up to Mt Lemmon.  We found the Bear Wallow trail!  It was beautiful.  I just love Fall colors!  That night Paul and Nathan finished Nathan's patriotic pumpkin.  Arizona Highways shared one of my pictures on their Friday Photos!

10/26/14  We took the side rail off Nathan's bed.  I went in that night and saw that he did roll out of bed.  Daddy had put a bunch of cushion there, though, for him to fall onto.  We really need to get him big boy furniture!

10/29/14 We went to our first Phoenix Suns game.  It was the season opener against the Lakers.  Suns won!

On Halloween, I went to Tucson Botanical Gardens during the day.  That night we took Nathan trick or treating and then he helped us hand out candy.  This year he wanted to be a train engineer.  The dogs were both wonder woman!

11/1/14 I went to Reid Park Zoo to see the animals being fed pumpkins.  Then I met the boys on the other side of the park for the Cops & Rodders show.  That night we went to Tempe for our first ASU football game.  They won against Utah in overtime!

11/8/14 I went to Wildlife World Zoo while the boys went to a NASCAR race.  I was not feeling that well that day.  I had a lot of body pain that I had off and on for a week.  We were to stay in the Phoenix that night so we could all go back to the races on Sunday.  We stayed at Victory Inn and it was infested with roaches!  I tried to stay there, but when I woke up at 1 and saw them crawling on the walls and ceiling outside of the bathroom I could not take it.  We checked out and tried to find another hotel.  Unfortunately, all of them were booked because of the races.  We gave up around 2 and drove home.  The boys drove back on Sunday to go the race.   I stayed home since I was still not feeling well.  We found out that stupid hotel would not give us a refund, too!  I also got bit by an ant at the zoo Saturday and by Monday it was itchy, red and swollen.  Tomorrow I think I am going to go to the doctor to get it checked out.

11/9/14 Tulla turned 8!  Unfortunately, she spent her birthday at the dog boarders :(

I found out that I won an honorable mention on the Arizona Game and Fish calender for my prairie dog picture!

So our nightly routine is to go in Nathan's room and say our prayer.  Dad sits in the rocking chair and I sit on the floor.  The dogs usually come in, too.  Nathan lays in my lap.  We say prayer and dad leaves.  Then Nathan tells me that he is going to sleep on me forever and not let me up.  Seriously, I try to leave and he grabs my leg.  I love snuggling with him and it is so hard to leave him!

Saturday we leave to go to San Diego for a week!  The timing makes it rough being so busy during the holidays, but we are celebrating my 40th birthday and my mom's 60th birthday.